Tae Yang prefers Wonder Girls over So Nyeo Shi Dae

In a recent interview on KBS “Yoon Do Hyun Radio Show”, Tae Yang was put on the spot by the host, Yoon Do Hyun.

He was asked, “Who do you think is the better group? Wonder Girls or So Nyeo Shi Dae?” Tae Yang hesitated and stated that it’s very hard for him to choose, but said he preferred the Wonder Girls over So Nyeo Shi Dae.

The reason was mainly because of the many collaborations they’ve had with each other in the past, and that they were close friends.

Yoon Do Hyun continued and asked if Tae Yang had any friends in So Nyeo Shi Dae. Tae Yang said, “No, but I would like to be friends with them.”

credit: allkpop


34 thoughts on “Tae Yang prefers Wonder Girls over So Nyeo Shi Dae

  1. Tae Yang Has Awesome Taste Wonder Girls Are Awesome !!!!!!!! Its Not That I Don’t Like Snsd But Their Style *Thumbs Down* But Thats My Opinion

  2. ILuveYubin:
    You do know that Suju and SNSD are friends though, right? And I think friendships are way more important than fandom.

  3. he had to say that he wanted to be friends with snsd. it would’ve been rude if he didn’t say that. personally I’m not hating on snsd but their style doesn’t mesh well with BB or Taeyang. if snsd and bb ever had a special stage together it would’ve been awkward. i believe snsd should collab with other artists in sm because their styles blend better.

    side note:ye eun said that she is a fan of taeyang’s songs on super junior idol show. and whenever that song is playing the wondergirls are always dancing to it(i.e their fanmeeting, radio show, idol show).

  4. yeah i think all of big bang prefer wonder girls

    i mean who wouldnt ? ;]


    wonderbang 😀

  5. Wonderbang 4ever… @ IluvYubin… Suju is very close to snsd, so if they were asked a question like this, I think the only one to say wonder girls is Heechul and shindong.. the others have radio shows with snsd… not saying they don’t like wonder girls… Its just heechul who obviuosly is a fan of wonder girls… anyway, WONDER GIRLS FIGHTING!!!!!!!! i hope wonder girls and suju get the chance to do a collabration…

  6. Lol SNSD does not have SUJU…Suju clearly loves WG more through their words and actions,, but they have to praise and hype up SNSD because they’re in the same company. but heechul thinks about sohee constantly..always wants to do her “omona” pose haha XD


    if snsd could stay away from bigbang it would be great! they already have suju and dbsk it’s enough, no? lol
    tae yang really has good taste : snsd suck!
    they made fun of shinhwa, suju, SES, dbsk, epik high, big bang …. if you want to know what they said about them here a link :


    they have no manners esp tiffany and it’s not just some rumors there are proofs and snsd had to apologize for that !
    if you want to learn more about tiffany :


    i’m not an anti actually i used to like snsd but now i can’t anymore!!!

  8. yeah man~~ !!
    taeyang’s my fav big bang-er… wonderbang ftw!!
    nice to know they’re all friends~~ hopefully another collaboration will happen 😀

    i like snsd but… when they made of taeyang’s name… big no no…

  9. ” but WG envies SNSD ”
    really now? hehe. i beg to differ. ^^

    Tae Yang is a smart boy! awesome taste!
    he probably knows about that time they made fun of his name?
    WonderBang. Fighting!

  10. It’s a triangle really,

    BB respects and prefers WG more, but WG envies SNSD but I’m pretty sure SNSD ( Well, Maybe fany and yoona only ) are crazy for GD and Seung Ri.

  11. haha… wonder girls!!! good choice…. so… even though i like snsd… i’m more of a WonderFul… go wg!!! fighting!!

  12. i think all the bb members prefer wg (maybe except seungri. he <3s wg now but whether it’s more than yoona/tiff iono. but he’ll mature soon enough ;D).

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