Wonder Girls So Hot K-Chart No.1 for 3rd consecutive week

Wonder Girls performed So Hot again with new outfits and gave a consistent, assured and steady performance, even for So Hee. They went up against SG Wannabe and Crown J for No.1 where the latter two wasn’t even performing. Wonder Girls won in the end with double their votes of their competitors. Congratulations for maintaining their Music Bank hot streak!

Leader Sun Ye also performed in Mighty Mouth’s Energy song performance for the first time on tv with an energetic display. She will continue performing with Mighty Mouth for Music Core and Inkigayo this weekend back-to-back.


15 thoughts on “Wonder Girls So Hot K-Chart No.1 for 3rd consecutive week

  1. yoobin’s and sohee’s outfits looks goods. although i can’t see very clearly. oh sunye did great:)

  2. congrats girls! keep it up! let’s goo for many many more weeeks.

    i got my WG cd in today. yay. ^^

  3. sunye showed her legs during the performance with mighty mouth but how come she wore the pants again when she performed so hot with the other 4?
    anyway sunye looks very very pretty there!
    and congratulation so the girls for being #1 for the 3rd consecutive week and also thanks to all the Wonderfuls who supported our girls.

  4. OMG! sunye’s wearing shorts for mighty mouth’s perf! see that looks better than the trousers she gets to wear for so hot >__>

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