Wonder Girls Sports Hankooki Photoshoot (12P) 080617

Photos of the Wonder Girls who did an interview with Sports Hankooki on the afternoon of 17th June. So Hee the only one who has two pictures ^^

credit: as tagged


8 thoughts on “Wonder Girls Sports Hankooki Photoshoot (12P) 080617

  1. Everyone looks beautiful! And Yoobin’s hair looks a lot neater, yay! I guess their makeup artist really listened to that Star show (?) interview when Yoobin wished she was Snow White so she’d have lighter skin. She looks a lot lighter than usual. Or maybe it’s the lighting? xD

  2. love the first pic, look at madame park and our alien.
    im actually liking sunye’s short hair.
    i love all of their solo shots specially Ye Eun, Sun Mi & Sunye.

  3. Ye Eun looks GORGEOUS!!!
    nevermind they ALL look prettyfull…
    i like this photoshoot the best.. well in my top 5 aanyways..
    they look adorable and lively.. go go wonder girls

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