Wonder Girls Comeback Stage @ M! Countdown 080619

It was a neck to neck fight with Tae Yang for the #1 position as announced beforehand but the Wonder Girls lost out in the end on their M! Countdown Comeback Stage. They performed So Hot and a JYP club remix of “Tell Me” which sounded really really really weird. I hope never to listen to that again! Although it was nice to see the return of the “Tell Me” outfits but they sounded really off at times, even Sun Ye too. At least “So Hot” was a decent enough performance.

Rather unflattering picture from the back…

this was better…

credit: as tagged


28 thoughts on “Wonder Girls Comeback Stage @ M! Countdown 080619

  1. Oh, and I just saw the Tell Me remix, I didn’t think it was so bad.. I actually really liked it!! Lol.. I thought it was awesome for like a rave.. very nice.. I want it! Though I wish the performance was so bad.. everyone did poor.. some worst than others, but it should have been better!

  2. Soo Hee looks uber cute in that first solo pic of her.. and in a solo pic of Yoobin with Sun ye in the bacl looking like she’s on crack deserves a LOL!! xD..

  3. Omg, Sunmi seems to enjoy herself in SO Hot. So much sexyness oozing out! In that 2nd pic and another pic I don’t remember. !!:D!!

  4. @VL
    That was so cute. I love the part where Yoobin does the peace sign. ^.^

    I really disliked that “Tell Me” remix. It actually disappointed me that JYP is still milking out of the “Tell Me” craze.

    Anyway, I feel like “So Hot” is dying out quickly. Truthfully, the other songs in their mini album aren’t that amazing either. I mean, they’re good, but they’re not the kind that would seem catchy enough to create a 2nd wave of “Tell Me”. I think they need to pull out that hidden card, which is Yoobin’s live performance. Even I have become tired of waiting for her live performance!! I’ve been so excited and anticipating her live performance, but I feel like it’s never going to happen! T.T

    I love these pictures, by the way. ^.^ The photographer really got the good moments. It’s so funny because in their “So Hot” line-up move, Yoobin’s so busted for not being with everybody else. Hahaha! XD

  5. i wish there was a picture of yoobin at the end of her tell me rap with her peace thing ❤ lolz i think tell me perf was subpar though for wondergirls and i didnt like the beat at all

  6. well you guys cant really say that cause wonder girls been winning more than taeyang. this is his first time winning. wonder girls still got alot of chance to beat tae yang…

  7. if it was someone else who took the numbe 1 sport i would have been sad
    tae yang deserves it =] so does wondergirls , wish theyre were 2 number 1 spots but thats the way it is hehe

  8. No Matter What
    they did a great job in Promoting SO HOT
    they got themselve 2 no.1 right?
    and no.1 for online download right?

    although this might not be as good as TELL ME
    but i think they did well
    since it is not yet 1 month
    they started promoting their new single.
    Fighting Wondergirls.
    Love Ya..

  9. sun mi had blossomed into a very hot girl ^^ ugh! that’s kinda wasted for not getting no.1 but I’m sure the next one will be theirs [:

  10. wonder girls vs. taeyang / fanboys vs. fangirls
    too bad fangirls won
    anyway go wonder girls theres still next time and im sure our girls will be #1 again.

  11. poor WG ~ they lost

    but I have to say JYP’s remixes are really weird ~
    on his special stage with wonder girls one time…he sung Tell Me and She Was Pretty (I think) and that was the most weird sh… I ever heard lol
    he just should not make remixes out of his songs lol
    but thanx for the article : d

  12. they lost… *shakes head*
    well what do you expect when they put a guy versus girls.. all the fangirls are voting like crazy for sure..

    wow, the news are fast with those pictures… they look good.. especially sun mi

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