Wonder Girls TBJ Fan Signing Event (14P) 080618

Wonder Girls TBJ Fan Signing Event for their fans and covered by Newsis this afternoon. The Miso picture is lovely, picturesque perfecto ^^

credit: as tagged


34 thoughts on “Wonder Girls TBJ Fan Signing Event (14P) 080618

  1. what happened to sohee’s arm? she had some long scars.
    sun mi with her big eyes so cute.
    miso couple pic looks good.
    sunye looks good.
    YeBin looks really pretty and i specially love ye eun’s purple shirt.

  2. awww. i love them all!! they look so cute – miso, sunye looking at fan, sunmi with her huge eyes – 😀

  3. awwww, they look sooo good..
    and I thought it was going to be
    while before any TBJ related events…
    looks like they had a lot of fun…
    Me too I want my stuff to be signed… 😦

  4. uh! what’s wrong with SOHEE’s arm. it seems like she’s been having a lot of scars lately. is she okay or was that scar from her movie last time she filmed? i notice her knee too. it’s not sexy having too much scar on her skin!

  5. that 4th to last pic of sun mi
    she looks soo lost lmfao .
    thanks for your hardwork coolsmurf .

  6. are those little boys in the 4th pic? or were they kneeling? lol
    sunye looks so pretty! i miss her long hair though~
    but she looks good with the short hair too

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