Wonder Girls @ Shim Shim Ta Pa Radio Program 080618

Pictures of the Wonder Girls appearing on MBC FM “Shim Shim Ta Pa” radio program on 18th June midnight, hosted by Shin Dong and Kim Shin Young.

They recorded the program from 00:30-01:00, what an unearthly time!


15 thoughts on “Wonder Girls @ Shim Shim Ta Pa Radio Program 080618

  1. @ misstuned.. LOL.. yoobin in the second pic.. it’s like being under arrest but putting up the peace signs xD It’s so adorable x3

    Sun miiii! No make-up.. -never before seen- 😮

    Still cute :3

  2. omg sunye is SO cute in all the pics.im lovin her outfit too^^
    lol@yoobin’s expression in the 2nd pic —>V(o.o)V

    what kinda timeslot is that,though. 😡

    thanks for the screencaps!

  3. yoo bin looks prettier with this lighter skin tone lol makes her look very young.

    sun ye & ye eun look prettier with no make-up.. weird lol

  4. sun mi looks so tired and sohee looks like she is full of energy i love it when she smiles alot.
    love ye eun’s cap.

  5. yoobin looks less tired because she has makeup on :p hehe she is happy here and that’s good. the rest look tired especially ye eun 😦 i hope it’s not going to be like the tell me days all over agian where the girls get like little rest/breaks

  6. yoobin looks very haappy here! and i love
    love love the last pik of sun mi! she looks
    so cute and lost!

  7. sorry i have to disagree with you aerolite
    sunmi looks way pretttier than seohyun from

  8. WHOA. Sohee’s pose surprised me in the first group picture. I just felt like that was unlike her. Yoobin looks fair here. Like… her skin looks light. o.o Her and Sun Mi even seem like they have the same skin tone.

    Good observation. She really does.

  9. aww poor babies… midnight to 1am…
    thats wow.. considering they have
    school and other activities the next day…
    but they look hilarious
    lmao Sun Mi went into her 4d
    phase in the last pic..

  10. Yoobin looked not sleepy at all
    she is studying too right at unversity??
    hmm she enjoying her time in wonder girls

  11. aww.. they all look sleepy and.. CUTE!!! haha!!!
    Sun Mi looks sleepy at the last pic..
    Sun Ye and Ye Eun on the first pic looks sleepy..
    Yoo Bin on the second..
    still they look very energetic..
    howcome So Hee didnt look sleepy in any pic? and she always looks cute!!!
    maybe this is the effect of what she revealed on SGB (having a hard time sleeping at night).. haha!!

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