Wonder Girls Magazine Net Korea Photoshoot (36P) 080617

Wonder Girls photoshoot for Magazine Net Korea which was published today. Pretty good quality pictures except that the watermarks are kind of all over the place. Probably taken on the day when they performed at Inkigayo last Sunday.

The following are just a sample from the entire collection. enjoy!!!

Download (USAupload)


19 thoughts on “Wonder Girls Magazine Net Korea Photoshoot (36P) 080617

  1. Ye Eun, domination!!!!! x3 Sun ye is taking the floor next.. the others…….. eh..

    Brittany Spears.. awws.. maybe love for when she was hot? Even though she like.. blew up.. I still see her as a big pop star icon.. not now, but people still use her when comparing new stars that go big like she did. πŸ™‚

  2. Ye Eun looked amazing~! And yeah the tshirt caught my eyes first thing! I was like staring lol! But Sohee expression isn’t very pretty or cute in this :\, i’ve seen better. I agree with the ppl above, yoobin doesn’t look that good here

  3. @YeEun_Lover
    I don’t think they purposely made Yoobin look so dark. It’s just that she really is darker than the rest! XD She’s looking gorgeous though. Her messy hair makes it look sexy. So does Sohee. Ye Eun and Sun Mi are looking very pretty. I agree with YeEun_Lover. Sun Mi always has that cute aura around her.

    I just noticed that Sohee’s shirt has Britney Spears. Thought I should acknowledge that.

  4. ye eun and sunye looks so pretty.
    sun mi always have this very cute aura around her.
    woah sohee wearing britney spears shirt.
    yoobin’s hair looks so messy and why do they make her look so dark?

  5. umm, i’ve seen better…
    lighting man have to work more on it, yoo bin’s skin color totally contrast to others and her make up….

    ^i agreed that they’d nicer if they smiled

  6. hmm… Its nice but I like to see the girls smile… i dunno, it goes well with their new image but… when they smile they make the photoshoot more alive and wonderful!!!!

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