Wonder Girls reveals their displeasure of Park Jin Young

The Wonder Girls (minus Ye Eun) and Joo appeared in Episode 11 of MBC “Brain Battle”, expressing their displeasure with their boss, Park Jin Young.

When the MC of the show asked the girls, how many times did Park Jin Young make you feel upset or inferior, all five of the “So Hot” singers replied by admitting that there were several instances where they were hurt over JYP’s ruthless comments.

“When Park Jin Young is hungry, he gets really sharp with words,” Wonder Girls member, Yoo Bin stated. “While we were recording our new album, JYP who had not eaten yet scolded me for no reason. But as soon as he ate some tofu, he was kind and sweet to all of the other members. I was real hurt.”

“There was this one time when I came in wearing sunglasses, and JYP told me to take it off because the sunglasses were too tacky,” Sun Mi said. “But later, he had taken my sunglasses and was wearing them.

JYP’s ballad princess, Joo, even recollected a time when Park Jin Young commented on her recent weight gain. “He said, look at this fat, it feels like tofu,” JOO said. “And yeah, it hurt.”

So Hee expressed that because of the time difference between Seoul and New York, they were scolded many times by Park Jin Young for not doing a good job with their vocals whilst recording their “So Hot” mini album. But the reason was because they couldn’t get proper sleep on their return.

Meanwhile for Yoo Bin, whilst they were preparing for their new album album jacket photoshoot, she sent an email to Park Jin Young to confirm her clothing image concept. But she was instead rebuked for putting on weight.

After making their complaints public, all of them tried to remedy the situation, “Sajang-nim (boss), we love you”, displaying a heart to show their sincereity.

credit: allkpop (partial translation)


11 thoughts on “Wonder Girls reveals their displeasure of Park Jin Young

  1. “There was this one time when I came in wearing sunglasses, and JYP told me to take it off because the sunglasses were too tacky,” Sun Mi said. “But later, he had taken my sunglasses and was wearing them.

    I loved that.

  2. I don’t get how it’s bad the girls are talking about JYP they are very open about their relationship and you can tell they are really close other wise they wouldn’t have been so open I mean really what other idol groups talk about their bosses like that so openly?

  3. Ive heard JYP was really really hard on Bi, and not just on bad days x.x; but look where bi is now, JYP makes legends^^

  4. When Yoo bin talked about the e-mail comment, it was because the image had become distorted to make it look as though she had gained weight.

  5. haha…funny 😀

    yeah, they complained once in a while…
    but i saw few of it and my head says like ‘again? stop complaining, you’re talking about your boss on tv show’ well, may be they’re close but still…

  6. Ah, I think JYP has his reasons. I mean, we shouldn’t blame him. Because of his producing and whatnot, he has helped Wonder Girls so much. They still wouldn’t be who they are now without him. Nonetheless, it’s okay to complain every once and awhile. ^.^ It seems like Yoobin has alot of complaints. Haha!

  7. buts it so cute that they do they heart thingie at the end
    who would’ve scold the cutie pies?

  8. I agree with TSi. It’s something one should expect when joining the entertainment business XD. In this industry, looks are considered everything, especially in their case since Korea seems to be pretty obsessed with beauty. And with such a tight schedule, not only are the Wonder Girls tired and cranky, but so is JYP. And he may be harsh at times but he’s a good producer, and is obviously thinking about what’s best for their growing fame. After all, he’s the reason why the Wonder Girls are so popular in the first place. And I love the Wonder Girls but I don’t think it was smart of them to complain about their boss in public o__o;.

  9. hey, wat did they expect? a ride in the park?
    its the entertainment industry, if you gain weight… ur image will look different, your style and clothing will look different. i mean… if it was THAT easy, we’d all go into the industry.

    but of course… its JYP, he already told them all that its gonna be long and harsh and people will yell at them for doing the “incorrect thing” tats what you get for debuting under him.

  10. WOW some harsh words from Mr.JYP
    Well I guess what u expect from entertainment industry
    its not that glamorous after all

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