Wonder Girls OK! Magazine Thailand Edition Magazine Scans

Pretty HQ quality magazine scans of the Wonder Girls in OK! Magazine Thailand Issue 70 (I think?) during their May promotional trip earlier this year.

Love Yoo Bin and Sun Mi poses here ^^

credit: iheartWG.com@Soompi


11 thoughts on “Wonder Girls OK! Magazine Thailand Edition Magazine Scans

  1. lol they’re really cute eh, I can only read the first page it says

    5 girls from the land of kimchi (aka Korea) builds a new phenomenon. Wonder Girls. “When I see the feedback of my fans, see my fans calling out my name, it makes me realize why I wanted to become a singer.”

    I just realized translating is pretty hard haha.

  2. last question in page 3

    YeEun,She likes boy who has big hands and cook well.
    Sunye,She likes gentle man and funny
    Sohee,she likes boy who look comfortable and have
    nice hands.
    Yubin,she like someone who has their own personality.

    My english gramma is verry poor , I’m verry sorry. haha

    They are so cute.

  3. well, as much as i’d like to translate it for you all,
    i guess i better not…-__-”
    the interview was good, but too short, i’d cant have enough of them haha…
    and today i just bought ”ASTA'” another thai mag. with WG on the cover and inside interview, this is much better….!!!!

    sorry people…hope someone with better eng will translate this and share it…

  4. oh,how yoobin looks different now compared to just a month ago..she is soo skinny now, and her chubby cute cheeks are gone but love her anyway =D Wonder Girls fighting!!!

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