Wonder Girl Live Performances Called Into Question

Wonder Girls live performances has once again become a hot topic of discussion after a Korean netizen posted their Dream Concert 2008 video.

Idol group, Wonder Girls live performance standards has become a hot topic of discussion among netizens once again. On 13th June, a netizen going by the name of WONGIRL uploaded Wonder Girls live performance video at the Dream Concert 2008. The video title wrote, “Although I am their fan, but this is really”, showing her disappointment over Wonder Girls live performance standard.

The netizen WONGIRL continued by saying, “Their title song So Hot is very unique but it requires immense difficulty to sing it. It’s unlike other singers singing a ballad song but it makes me mad to hear people criticise their live singing ability. Nevertheless, fighting! Wonder Girls fighting!” The number of people viewing this video has rose crazily since being posted and has already reached 182,000 views with 2400 replies as netizens debated over it.

And unsurprisingly, two factions has emerged from among the replies, one in support of the Wonder Girls live performances while the other doubting their live performance ability. One wrote, “This song sounds really difficult if you sing it. But the members do have some room for improvement for their live performances.” Others felt that, “They have already given their best shot, there are also times when other singer commit errors on stage.”


19 thoughts on “Wonder Girl Live Performances Called Into Question

  1. ya they just haten cause i think they do pretty well!!!!!!……

    it doesn’t sound like the cd but they are dancing and singing live…so yep!!!!…..

    and if you think its easy lets us see you do it?????…..”cause its easier said than done!!!!!!”……

    and please don’t compare WG to that lyp synching ent…

  2. bottom line is people are analyzing the wrong performance..if the criticism wasn’t biased they would’ve judged their best performance, instead of one of the weaker ones….

    Come on!! Some people didn’t even sing live!! Wonder Girls’ songs are difficult to sing live and bring out the energy and charisma at the same time.

    Their lives are GREAT!! The only time i didn’ like their live during So Hot was the day Sun Mi was missing, but then again, it was only because it felt like something (someone) was missing… Haters scram! you criticize the dream concert now?

    i guess they couldn’t judge inki nor music core, since it was flawless and all…

  3. i believe people who critize wg is not haters, but just plain music lover. im sure they love wg too, like me
    if youre a good singer then no matter what song u sing, u do well, and age have nothing to do with it,
    i mean, look at shinee, they’re young and have complicated choreo too, but they still sing like CD, sometimes i doubt its lyp synch or not
    i wish wg will improve their live, but if theyre not id still love them

  4. Well it’s JYP’s fault for giving them songs that aren’t meant to be sung live!

    I mean c’mon, they were pretty much flawless during their ‘Irony’ days. ‘So Hot’ is just too fast-paced for them. Even Sunye has trouble with the song!

  5. eehhhh.. Freaking haters.. they are just jealous coz our GIRLS are no.1 now.. WONDERFUL FOREVER..

  6. why compare with SNSD?
    WG are singing more difficult songs than SNSD.
    WG has longer lines … etc.
    WG have been consistent with their performances.
    they have improved alot. ^^

  7. I really am a big fan of wonder girls. But I think that JYP needs to do something or teach them the teqnics how to sing live properly. If their going to be as famous as suju, dbsd ext. they have to learn more about singing. SNSD is cute and everything, but I personally think they are better singing live than the wonder girls. But on the other hand, SNSD HAS 9 members and their lines are really short. I think Ye eun n yoobin never disappoint fans when they are singing live. Maybe, the other members should learn something from them. WONDER GIRLS GO! GO! GO! show the world what you got!!!!!!

  8. SNSD has 9 members, they lipsynch their choruses even if its a “live”…. and each member only sings 1 to 2 lines max except for Taeyeon.

  9. With the exception of Yoo Bin, at least they don’t lip sync like another group did at Dream concert… Why do people care more about their output than their input? The effort put into creating nice, addicting songs just passes right by those people… It’s just sad.

  10. To add on to Flipflop.

    SNSD has 9 members and they Split up the song so much that basically they only have (around I guessing) 5 solo lines and the chorus -_-.

    Wondergirls on the other hand have at least 10-20 lines to nail perfectly. I think some slack should be given to them considering the difficulty of the song and they should be commended on their efforts.

  11. From the fan-cams I saw of Dream 2008,

    1) The fans were singing along so loud, you could hardly hear WG
    2) The fans were having a GREAT time – and that’s what really matters, isn’t it?

  12. WG FIGHTING!!♥♥ so…. they dont lipsync… they just keep it real… (except yoobin, her condition… hope u get well soon!!) So… they’re doing their best for us, people of the world. I agree with you, wogen, they are improving. And, we’re just human beings… everybody makes mistakes… :)♥♥


  13. i hate it when people say stuffs about wonder girls live performances wonder girls are human beings and its normal to commit mistakes even famous entertainers commit mistakes too and no one is perfect.

    well at least they seldom lipsync and most of their performance are performed LIVE.


  14. -)
    if you ask me
    i think they reasonably good in live.
    come on soo hee is a kid hor..
    16 years old..
    she is going through school and training.
    of course she would have a drop in live perf..
    she would get better, if she got ENOUGH rest.

    Sun Ye Ye Eun is best in singing live..
    any perf they score or perf BADLY???
    no right?
    YOOBIN rap is always so strong
    she is recoving from vocal too now

    Sun Mi Pretty she just suffer from sickness hor..
    come on..
    what does the citizen of korea
    want from these batch of pretty YOUNG IMPROVING GIRLS???
    they are alright good enough to place on stage
    and perf these beautiful and nice songs to US FAns.

    i think they are good enough to perf ..
    LIVE So More

  15. JYP doesn’t ever allow the Wonder Girls to lipsync (Yoo Bin’s medical condition being the exception). I think that’s laudable, but a big mistake if one doesn’t have the vocal talent to pull it off consistently.

    SM, on the other hand, seems to be more sensibly cautious with SNSD in having them sing less vocally-demanding songs. They also usually have their girls entirely lipsync the first few live performances of a song, then lipsync only difficult passages after getting enough practice. Even then, they still err on the side of caution and lipsync on some live broadcasts. (Shows like Inkigayo and Music Bank are prerecorded, allow artists to do multiple takes so as to splice out mistakes.)

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