So Nyeo Shi Dae songs more karaoke friendly than Wonder Girls

It was reported recently after some research that more people sing So Nyeo Shi Dae songs at the ktv rooms in Korea compared to Wonder Girls.

As two competing rivals, how often are their songs being played at ktv rooms in this battle of the ktv rooms? Well according to the latest research figures, So Nyeo Shi Dae comes out on top this time thanks to their leader, Tae Yeon.

The most played song for the first part of 2008 was “If” performed by Tae Yeon for the “Hong Gil Dong” soundtrack. It just about edged out Park Ji Heon (V.O.S) “When I Miss You” with 160,000 plays. The success can be attributed to the “Hong Gil Dong” drama and also Korean figure skater, Kim YunA whose rendition of the song, “If” was uploaded all over the internet and viewed by millions.

So Nyeo Shi Dae songs like “Kissing You”, “Girls Generation” were ranked 12th and 28th respectively. In comparison, Wonder Girls “Tell Me” and “Ee Babo” only got 9th and 44th position respectively.

The never-ending comparison just goes on and on but it further solidifies the fact that they are the two most popular girl groups in Korea currently.


29 thoughts on “So Nyeo Shi Dae songs more karaoke friendly than Wonder Girls

  1. DANG.!!
    snsd songs are way easier than wg’s song.
    cause i really suck t singing but when i sang ITNW and Girl generation my friends said i can be a good singer.
    then i was like “you guys need to clear your ears”lol

  2. it makes perfect sense to me

    – they have a r&b/techno style to them and that’s different to what korea’s been put through so it’s harder for some
    – the choruses are basic, yeah, but they often use like this breathy [eebabo, so hot] or tight throat [eebabo, tell me] sort of voice…..i just wish sohee could sing any other way but nasally
    – they rap [yoobin] and no offense but most people can’t rap so yeah
    – again with the tight throat deal, they are able to sing higher with this technique in my opinion and the general public won’t be able to do that
    – eebabo wasn’t very popular at all [wonder girls really only got popular in my eyes after tell me] so somewhere in the 40’s is understandable and it’s old
    – tell me was super popular so 9th is reasonable considering it’s an old song

    – the choruses are basic, yeah, but the adlibs are crazy hard and they use vibrato a lot
    – they rap [yuri, hyoyeon] but they haven’t gotten into the certain genre yet so the only song with rap in it had an innocent feel and defiantly not r&b so it’s an easier rap
    – they sing with the normal style that korea is used to because of finkl and ses
    – people can sing their song but not correctly
    – kissing u and baby baby were successful and recent so 12th and 28th makes sense
    – if got popular because of the drama and because taeyeon is the most popular member and it’s the most recent so yeah, first place makes sense. if is really quite hard to sing properly [with vibrato, in tune, high notes] but it starts off low and i guess people sing it without proper styles


    Because the most of WG fans here are mature and they actually know how to show their opinion without wasting their time bashing the other artists. They are respectful and they know how to support WG. You’re destroying their image doing this. Why can’t we be friends? I think it’s better than be enemies isn’t it?

    Well, I just wanted to thank the other WG fans here for being respectful towards SNSD.
    Sorry if I offended you, ENEMIES OF SOSHI, but I just can’t stand this kind of childish actions.

    have a nice day and take care!

  4. i find it happier when i sing snsd’s song… their song are so cheerful compare to wonder girls.. but i still like wonder girls song! ^.^

  5. LOL @ ENEMIES OF SOSHI. nice comment 😀

    but anyway… WGs songs would be more fun to sing ANYTIME. you can do the dances AND sing. how fun is that?! 🙂

    love WG foreverrr ❤

  6. Lol SNSD songs are one fucking note all the way through and simple, they’re shitty but simple, and most people don’t want to look crazy trying to sing tell me or so hot XD lol

    WG still pwns SNSD, they didn’t get BOOED and the silent treatment, their fan clubs have more members then their anti fan club which is the complete turn around for snsd, lol.

    They got to meet RUSSEL SIMMONS, they got to have their song and video play on the NYC big screen, they win and they will continue to win and progress as SNSD continues to be bitter and rude.

  7. its not about easy or hard to sing it but so nyeo shi dae song are automatically listen to their lyric not the dance coz their dance are quiet hard to follow, but in wonder girl’s song, the most fans are not only listen to their song but they dance with it coz their dance is easy to follow…….

  8. because SNSD songs are easy to sing
    than wonder girls
    wonder girls;music and dance steps are challenging 😀

  9. I agree that some Wonder Girls’ songs are hard to sing, but in all honesty ‘Tell Me’ and ‘Eebabo’ are pretty easy to sing. There aren’t really any high notes in the two songs. You guys go try singing Taeyeon’s parts in SNSD’s songs. Even I got to be impressed with her high notes.

    Anyways, Kim Yuna also sang ‘Tell Me’ in one of her fan meetings!

    I was really impressed. 🙂

  10. seriously, SNSD’s songs are easier to sing. i mean their songs are way to cute and easy..monotone sometimes. when i hit the karaoke room, WG song are faster and harder to sing. so i either sing a simpler song or maybe ‘tell me’ sometimes.haha

  11. i think they should do a study to see whether restaurants with posters of SNSD will bring in more customers than restaurants with posters of wonder girls lol
    i can’t believe people actually do reports on this kind of stuff lol

  12. I don’t know, but does the korean enviroment like cuteness? I mean how old is the SNSD members? 17-19 right? its okay to be cute, but sometimes their songs are kinda childish. Their not girls anymore, they are woman. I think if they go to America or something, people are just going to laugh cuz their cute image doesn’t suite with the age…. I think wonder girls songs are very better and more catchy, I always sing their songs.

  13. This made me laugh. SNSD and WG are even fighting in karaoke rooms now?

    But I totally agree that “it further solidifies the fact that they are the two most popular girl groups in Korea currently.” These two girl groups are here to stay! 😀

  14. WOnder Girls songs are fast and RnB type.. while SNSD’s are popish and easy to sing and follow…
    But Wonder Girls.. hwaitng..
    i would love to sing EEbabo or irony.

  15. lol snsd songs are more karaoke friendly? haha

    anyway for me wonder girls will always be the best!

  16. yeah… but wg’s and snsd’s songs are fun to sing 🙂 but yeah, snsd’s songs are easier to sing. but WG is still more fun to sing!

  17. this just shows the uniqueness of WG and their great talents..
    im sure, those who like the songs of wonder girls would first think of singing their songs in the karaoke, but realizing the lack in ability or lack in availability of the song data in the karaoke, they end up not doing so.. (no offense to those who cant sing the WG songs) even i have a hard time singing their songs.. but i always end up having their songs running in my head..

  18. To help them stay on-key, vocalists sometimes wear radio packs and earphones so they can sing to a backing track.

    You can clearly see Tiffany and Jessica wearing these during a rehearsal of Baby Baby (which is very odd for decent vocalists like them, because it’s a straightforward song to sing).

    During performances, the packs can be harder to spot because they’re usually clipped to the back and hidden under hair, and the earphone wires covered with flesh-covered tape.

  19. SNSD songs really are easy, especially since all their group members sound exactly alike. Wonder Girls has their own uniqueness, so their songs are harder to mimic. I’d rather sing Wonder Girls songs over any SNSD song, any day.

  20. SNSD’s songs are tooeasy,I can sing all their song.It’s normal.Wonder girls’ songs are quite hard.

  21. Also, Wonder Girls never released instrumental or karaoke versions of their songs! >:/ So when I do go to karaoke I’m stuck with teh crappeh, fake, low quality versions of their songs :/

    Really wish JYP would release instrumentals at least on the singles ><

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