Mighty Mouth feat. Sun Ye – Energy Studio Recording Video

Track 2 from Mighty Mouth first studio album which was apparently leaked on 13th June and spread like wildfire all over the internet. Think it’s really a marketing gimmick now in Korea? Epik High and even Wonder Girls have suffered album leaks prior to release date and threatened legal action but nothing has happened. Highly energetic performance from our Min leader and you could feel how excited she is from the studio recording video.

Nothing beats seeing Sun Ye with minimal makeup. ^^

Direct Download (Official Website)


12 thoughts on “Mighty Mouth feat. Sun Ye – Energy Studio Recording Video

  1. whyy lol, our wondergals are only at 5%!? ._.
    i like that song, yeah and it needs more of sun ye’s voice

  2. oh, and i would like to add…

    i ❤ sunye’s voice, and this song doesn’t showcase her vocals enough!

  3. in reply to #7…

    always, my dear. always. but that’s showbiz. that’s the world. sad, but true.

  4. WHOA! cool. it’s only right that Sun Ye has other things on her own because truthfully, she’d do great as a solo artist, too. if anything, i don’t know how sohee is more popular than sun ye. shows that cuteness sometimes outbeats talent. =\

  5. First time I heard ‘ I Love U ‘ [first Single]
    I like it .

    and Now Second Single Ft. SunYE
    [My WG] i want to listen immediately.

    Thank for Share Vi record.

  6. awww, she had long hair…
    i like the song, so ENERGETIC
    her voice is superb.. i’ll wait for
    someone to download it on yt…

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