Dae Sung and Sun Ye Restarts Big Bang-Wonder Girls Rivalry in 2008

Wonder Girls and Big Bang will soon resume rivalry in 2008 starting this week.

Dae Sung of Big Bang and Sun Ye of Wonder Girls faced off against each other today with a trot and feat. song being released today respectively. Dae Sung released his trot single “Look at me, GwiSoon!” while Sun Ye was featured in Mighty Mouth “Energy” track from their first album, restarting Big Bang vs Wonder Girls again in 2008 after their battle in 2007.

“Look at me, GwiSoon!” was YG Entertainment first attempt at the trot genre and Dae Sung challenging himself. The song was composed by G-Dragon (Big Bang), Kush with the earlier writing the lyrics as well. Gummy also lent her vocals to the song and with G-Dragon’s unique song composition skill, it is proving to be a hit already, shooting to No.2 on the Cyworld Music chart.

Mighty Mouth song “Energy” featuring Sun Ye was also released on the same day and Sun Ye refreshing and bubbly singing has won good reviews too.


18 thoughts on “Dae Sung and Sun Ye Restarts Big Bang-Wonder Girls Rivalry in 2008

  1. LOL @ DaeDae. Sundae, haha, sounds yummy.

    I really hope there’s WonderBang this year 😦 But the chances are looking really bleak, since 2ne1 debuted. Mannn, this would have been my first time witnessing a gayo daejun and a WonderBang performance! Honestly I like the Wonder Girls a hundred times than 2ne1 :[

  2. YAY!!! SunDae…lol….
    reminds me of the icecream sundae!!!! (is that how u spell it???)
    My two favorite singers!

  3. wouldnt taeyang’s just keep looking at me and wonder girls’ so hot be considered the wonderbang rivalry since it was released around the same time and they are both still promoting those two songs?

  4. lol at daesung’s cover, its sooo tacky and trot like, is it official yet?
    the hair! lmao!!!
    is it necessary to compare them? because they’re on different world, i guess

  5. well, don’t really like trot thought it’s a cute song from DS but i

    prefer catchy song like ‘Energy’..

  6. aw I love Daesung’s trot song, Daesung is such a dork, hehe. I haven’t heard the song with SunYe yet, but my sister says it’s good, so I shall listen to it soon! ^^

  7. Haha! Wow. I didn’t think I’d hear an actual trot single from Daesung until 10 years from now. XD More power to him! Haha! I MUST listen to this, especially since Daesung’s been wanting to have a trot song for so long, Gummy’s in it, AND G-Dragon composed it. As much of a Wonderful I am, I’m more excited for Daesung’s song because this is new. I kinda think Mighty Mouth will already do well with Sun Ye, anyway, so I’m not as excited about it.

  8. WGs are just SO HOT right now!!!

    But yes, I miss WonderBang! I really hoped they would combine all the hotness from Taeyang’s HOT mini album and WGs’ So Hot single album into another special stage together. I can picture WGs replacing Taeyang’s backup female dancers but it’s hard to imagine Big Bang (except maybe GDragon or SeungRi) doing the V-line dance. Daesung’s trot song (well any trot song to be honest) kind of ruins the hotness.

  9. DAESUNG! ahhh and Sun YE! haha my favorite bigbang member and my favorite wondergirls member! hAHA!! its tooo hard!!!!!!!!

  10. i think big bang and wonder girls are cute when they perform together ! both of them are cute

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  12. i think this is going to start the wonderbang performances this year, ive been waiting for this

    anyway goodluck to both daesung and sunye.

  13. yeah well i already listened to dae sung’s song…ummm im not really a fan of trot so i cant comment on that anyways i love mighty mouth’s song ft. sunye with Energy!!!! gah! her vocals their are amazing O_O and im definitely looking forward to the perf of Sunye w/ Mighty Mouth!!!! ahhh! i wonder what will she be wearing??? Hehe

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