Wonder Girls Wins Mutizen Award @ Inkigayo 080615

After a break last week due to Dream Concert 2008, the Wonder Girls was back on Inkigayo this week performing “So Hot” and picking up their first Mutizen for their “So Hot” promotion beating out Shinee, SG Wannabe, V.O.S, MC Mong, etc. They had new outfits again except for Yoo Bin and their performance was excellent, everyone sang well. Sun Mi seemed to have a wig on or something.



19 thoughts on “Wonder Girls Wins Mutizen Award @ Inkigayo 080615

  1. this perf was so good esp sohee!! shes actually getting better and better. their 1st mutizen. hope they can continue the award streak like for tell me!! WG HWAITING!

  2. YAY, they deserve it!

    and yess,, sun ye your new pants is looking much better but she needs hotpants like yoobin 😛

    yoobin is hot as always

    i love sunmis top , shes soo prettyy x

  3. They usually give the award to the artist(s) that performed on Inkigayo and SG Wannabe wasn’t there. The girls technically were only against Shinee, Epik High, and V.O.S. 🙂 Besides, it’s not about how talented a group is – it’s about how popular their song is.

    Anyways, congratulations! Definitely not their best performance, but I can live with it.

  4. Yes..Wonderigirls.
    So Hot going to create another miracle..
    hopefully they would come to asia to promote.
    i am going to see my yoobin and sunye
    yoomin hahaha..

  5. Congrats to WG. But no offense how could they beat SG wannabe? lol..that’s insane. I love wonder girls ALOT, but SG wannabe is one of the MOST talented groups in Asia, period. I assume it’s from their lack of promotion lately and they’re out of the spotlight at the moment.

    But congrats to WONDER GIRLS^^ and they did sound great =D

  6. the first thing i noticed is Sun Mi’s hair i was like ‘did she cut her hair?!’ then when she turned her back it was just tied lower but Sun Mi jjang looks cuter.
    Yipee Sohee didnt crack she is getting better and better each day.
    Yoobin uh i miss listening to her live voice, get well soon our beloved sexy rapper.
    Sunye she is so pretty but seriously she should really stop wearing pants god her legs are nice so why hide it.
    Ye Eun, i really like her outfit looks so sexy. I wish i got the flower that she threw.

    Congrats Wonder Girls So Hot!

  7. actually if you look closely Sunmi just has hair pulled back in a lower ponytail. They styled her hair were it looks like she has short hair but really they just pulled the rest of it back into a lower ponytail.
    Anywho performance was nice. Congrats to the girls but I don’t like Ye Eun’s outfit. I liked her previous ones more.

  8. there’s nothing to win on Music Core unlike Mutizen on Inkigayo or K-Chart on Music Bank.

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