Wonder Girls Pizza Bingo Self Portrait Pictures (35P)

Leftover 35 pictures from the last batch of Pizza Bingo HQ pictures uploaded last time. There’s no Ye Eun in this batch, just self potraits of the other four members. The following are just a sample of what you can expect.

Download | password: pizza


18 thoughts on “Wonder Girls Pizza Bingo Self Portrait Pictures (35P)

  1. Love you Wonder Girls. Your songs are fresh with a Motown attitude and your show is tight. Wish your music was easier to find, driving 100 miles today hoping to buy any cd or dvd. I see the group is busy in China, good for you. Big market there but please expand a small part of your market to the US for my asian Buds and me. NOBODY BUT YOU! P.S. Yoobin is gorgeous, love when
    she rhymes

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  3. WHERE’S MY FAVE YE EUN????!!!!

    sunye looks so pretty.
    yoobin & sun mi looks so cute.
    sohee somewhat looks kinda evil or something.

  4. where’s ye eun? O_o hehex. sunmi soo kyut haha, ei can someone here tell me if sun ye is wearing a wig? or is her short hair a wig? XD

  5. hahahha, Sohee looks very sly lol. They all look really cute and they pictures are so high quality!

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