Wonder Girls No.1 on K-Chart for the second week

In the special Music Bank episode recorded yesterday evening, the Wonder Girls were No.1 again on K-Chart for the second week running. Chukahaeyo.

There will not be play-by-play coverage from me today.


24 thoughts on “Wonder Girls No.1 on K-Chart for the second week

  1. They were awsome!!! congrats!!! But they still need to work harder to improve their singing.. I dunno whats wrong with sunye, when she sings so hot her preformance wasn’t consitant… its on and off… sunmi is getting better, same thing with so hee… yoobin…hope she gets well, i know yoobin always do her rap consistanly good.. finally ye eun, like I said be4 ye eun never disappoints the girls, fans and whatever… its hard to think she only trained 4 3 months..
    proves that she has true talent… wonder girls fighting!!

  2. cuties.
    what i don’t understand is WHY sunye always wears uglyy pants while everyone else is wearing like shorts or skirts.

  3. Lovely Yoobin..
    She rockz..man.
    wondergirls no.1 again..
    yes yes.
    against sg wanabe??
    hahah lovely

    well done girls..
    hopefully you girls can outdo previous tell me..
    jia you..

  4. YAY!! so happy for u!! and good that sun mi unnie is back!!!


  5. yay! enh, i’m actually not fond of their outfits except sun mi and yoobin. =/ the first picture, ye eun looks like she’s climbing a ladder, and sun mi’s still shot is awkward. the second one, i just love yoobin’s hoodie! and whoaaaa, ye eun! she like, lifts sun mi’s already short skirt! O.O ahh! cutie. and in the last part, yoobin looks really cute.

    anyway! yay for wonder girls!

  6. yipee Sun Mi is back im so happy and i know the other 4 are happy too.

    their outfits rocks it looks a lot hotter, sunye should show her legs too only sunye looks different.

  7. WAAAAA… Sun Mi is back !!!!!! yeahh!!!!!!
    o_o yoobin’s … . . . . niceeeeee outfittttt ( WHOAAA ) !!

  8. Their new outfits are probably the best yet. And of course they’d be no.1 still… XD Congratulations!

  9. love the outfits and yeah….i hope they can continue the #1 streak for weeks and weeks….. hwaiting wg!!!

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