Sun Mi rejoins the Wonder Girls on Music Bank recording

After fainting during an interview from breathing difficulties on 10th June, Sun Mi had been resting for the past 1.5 days. Yesterday, Sun Mi announced her official return to the Wonder Girls, participating in the Music Bank Special recording.

Sun Mi had experienced breathing difficulties while doing an interview on 10th June and was sent to Yeouido St. Mary’s Hospital swiftly. The diagnosis of her test results showed that her breathing difficulties was due to fatique and stress. Blood tests and x-rays didn’t show up anything special. But to have a more accurate diagnosis, Sun Mi also took an electrocardiogram.

The doctors at the hospital had suggested that Sun Mi should be warded for two days but she rejected the offer and decided to rest at home instead. Results from her electrocardiogram turned up negative as well.

According to JYP Entertainment, “Sun Mi’s return bought a smile back to the other members who were lacklustre for the past 2 days”, as they promised that such a thing would not happen again because of her hectic scheduling.

The 80 minutes Music Bank Special hosted by Tablo and Min Seo Hyun was recorded yesterday evening as a celebratory concert for the Korea International Boat Show at Gyeonggi-do. Broadcast starts at 6.20pm (KST) today.

23 performers including Super Junior H, Tae Yang, Wonder Girls, Epik High, Ock Ju Hyun, Sweet Sorrow, SG Wannabe, V.O.S, Lee Seung Gi, Color Pink feat. Mario, Lee Jung, A’ST1, Kilgun, Battle, Gavy NJ, Lexy, J-Walk, Kim Hyun Jung, Navi, Meilin, Xeno, One Two feat. So Yoo Jin, Park Hye Keung will be performing.


18 thoughts on “Sun Mi rejoins the Wonder Girls on Music Bank recording

  1. if i was to rate the dressings (eg. matching with their personalities and all)
    i think it’ll be

    sunmi looks sweet (: it’s got that princess feel to it.not a very glam outfit but yeah it’s nice.
    yoobin hmm i dont think she needs any outfit to prove that she’s sexy LOL! cos she’s sexy enough alrready :X
    sunye should seriously get rid of that pants.
    yeeun kinda looks weird :/ they’re pushing the sexy concept too much on her.

  2. GO SUNMI!! ^^

    I hope shes really okay though and not just faking it T.T I dont want her to faint again =(

  3. how do i watch the broadcast on kbs tonite i the stream always doesnt load…pls help me out here….i wanna watch it

  4. SunMi looks scared in the 2nd picture haha >_<

    But I’m so happy she’s back! Hope they all stay healthy!!!

  5. Welcome back Sunmi! Can’t wait to see the performance. I’d have to agree with irees. Yoobin’s outfit is the only one that looks performance-ready. Everyone else kinda looks like they’re wearing picnic wear or something for Church (if you wear lepoard to church xP). Yeeun’s outfit… it looks like her PJs.

  6. YAY!!! little sun mi is back! i agree that wonder girls feel so different and dull without her… like… no offense, but when sohee was gone for her movie promotions and filming, there was a void, but it wasn’t as big as sun mi’s, and i don’t think it’s because of the difference in situations.

    so, any updates on yoobin’s throat??

    and their outfits there are ugly. sohee’s skirt reminds me of betty rubble from the flintstones. haha! i think sun mi’s outfit is alright though. and her hair was done really prettily. but really, yoobin’s outfit looks the most normal and actually looks pretty good. i feel like yoobin’s actually been getting the good outfits lately.

  7. Lee Jung!!!! and btw i think it’s Navi not Navy? unless Navy is a whole different singer then forget it lol

  8. i still think she needs more rest.i don’t want her to be like

    hyuna who rested for few days saying she’s okay then she

    *bam*..she left. but glad of course i’m glad she’s joining the

    girls again.^^ WG’s performances just bland without Sun Mi.

    WG are not WG without one another.

  9. I Agree,Without Sunmi ( The 4-D Girl ) The Wonder Girls Would Not Be A Great Girl Group.I Saw A Youtube Video Of The Wonder Girls Taking Place As Sunmi Due To The Her Breathing Difficulties And I Thought That No One Can Ever Replace Sunmi And If They Did It Would Be Weird.I’m Glad She Returned To The Group,But JYPE Really Should Give The Wonder Girls A Break Because They Can Probably Get Pretty Stressed Out From The School Assignments,Singing Career,And Much More Other Things In Life.If This Happens Again,I Will Never Forgive JYPE Because He’s Just So Mean HMPH!Lolz,But It’s True I Won’t.Anyways Does Anybody Know Where I Can Get The Video Of The New So Hot Music Bank Video?I Wanna See!Please Tell Me!
    -Nataliee <33

  10. I’m glad she’s feeling much better and that she decided to rejoin the rest of the members earlier than expected. And this better not happen again… The Wonder Girls is dull without Ms. 4D/ Flower deer.

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