Wonder Girls Newsen Interview Photos 080611

Pictures taken during their Newsen Interview on the afternoon of 11th June. This was where Sun Mi was missing having been ordered to take a rest.


28 thoughts on “Wonder Girls Newsen Interview Photos 080611

  1. Yo, Ye Eun looks sooo great! And i’m sorry, but usually she doesn’t even look 2nd best, but here she looks spectacular.. yea, I agree the style of the dress and color works really good for her.. and she does look thinner.. she’s the best looking one! I’m so proud! Lol.. I want to see her be hotter more x3

    Or Lord.. Sun ye.. 😮

  2. hahaha…

    funny about what Sandra noticed…i wouldn’t see if you don’t mention it, and yeah…really obsene xDD

    i agree that Sun YE’s pants just make her shorter and more chubby than other members…

    i suggest if JYP wants them to be mature and hot, pls change sun ye’s outfit, make her a hot young lady not some like a groove auntie.

  3. I could make a long list of criticisms and things that could be different, but this world has enough of those…

    Out of all of them though, I like Ye Eun’s outfit the best. I think it’s because the cheetah print is really good with the red? Idk… or probably because the design of the outfit is classic, yet “SO HOT” (:

    I hope Sun Mi gets better real soon.

  4. LOOOL, Sun Ye, take your hand out form between your legs!! XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

    Ah, should have cropped the first two pictures so we wouldn’t see that. >___<

  5. heh sunye’s mouth is still open in all these pics..cute though..her new signature smile ;D

    ye eun should wear red more often,she’s totally fab in it^^
    she looks like she got skinnier too.

    4-member WG’s weird,so yeah hopin for sunmi to be back asap~

  6. yoobin always mention that she never get tanned…

    she will always have a darker skin than the rest…

    and she even said that tnx to make-up it make her skin look lighter…

  7. feels weird without sunmi’s presence :/
    it seems like the first time sunmi was not in attendence huh?usually it’s sohee that was missing last time cos she had filming for the movie.
    but nevertheless, i’m glad and happy that she’s resting right now (:

  8. add more, after looking at this pic (esp sunye’s) , i knew why wg so envy of soshi’s costume.
    leopard print concept is cool, but i’d prefer frilly pink dress soshi’s wearing, lol
    no offense though, i like both groups

  9. somehow yoobin reminds me of the ganguro tren in japan,
    but not to the extreme though,
    maybe because of the pale eye shadow and tan,
    look at so hee’s legs, superlongggg

  10. without one member, wondergirls is not wondergirls.
    so, we should not wish that anyone of them is not a member though some of them are weak.
    always love WG!

  11. Missing Sunmi…
    Hope she gets better soon!

    The make-up person should never use that pale lipstick on them again! The girls are beautiful and they deserve better…

  12. haha.. sohee looks extra bored in the second picture. She’s so bored w/o sunmi along.. lol..XD

    dark background tend to make people with pale skin, look even whiter! i should know from experience.. >_<;
    Wow, yeeun looks slightly tan? or is it just the lighting?

  13. The pale pink lipstick and the blue eyeshadow isn’t working for them. T_T It just doesn’t work with cheetah prints.

  14. sunye’s pants is a big no-no..makes her look like an ahjumma.

    why want to hide those pretty legs..i don’t understand.

    it feels different without sun mi though..

  15. sheeshhh why do yoobin and sohee always look so freakin adorable?
    i loveeee sohee’s little shorts.

  16. Yoobin looks super tan in these pictures. Is the makeup lady giving her extra bronzer or something? xP

  17. @Kari
    AGREED! AGREED! HAHAHHA! I think Sohee and Yoobin actually look cute in these pictures. XD

    As for Sun Ye, she seems… tired? Maybe worrying over Sun Mi?

    I don’t like the first picture… that bench looks too long for one person. I miss Sun Mi. T~T

  18. Are they supposed to look fierce in their pictures? ‘Cause So Hee and Yoo Bin always turn out cute.

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