Wonder Girls Asia Economy Interview Photos 080610

Pictures taken during their Asia Economy Interview on the afternoon of 10th June. This was where Sun Mi was missing having fainted in that same morning.


14 thoughts on “Wonder Girls Asia Economy Interview Photos 080610

  1. sunye’s outfit is a whole lot better than those high waisted trousers but gosh i hate that leopard print leggings >__>

  2. wow..super love the last pic.
    but still i miss sun mi soo much..
    its’ really like their incomplete without sun mi..
    get well soon!! SUN MI

  3. xD I agree with everyone. The last picture is so random, but very lovely. At first I thought Yoobin was holding a cheque, like the giant ones people hold when they’re donating on TV, but ohhh, it’s just a newspaper. xP

  4. @Kari
    Haha! That last pic kinda took me back by surprise because of its randomness! XD They all look adorable.

    That huge gap! T~T Wonderfuls can photoshop Sun Mi’s loving, adorable face there! Actually… her whole body would be nice… A floating Sun Mi head would be weird. Hahahaha! XD

    If Sun Mi were there, I bet she’d be the cutest because she always has the biggest smile!

  5. Lol, that last picture looks random, but it’s hilarious. So Hee’s so adorable in it, too. Actually, they all are.

  6. that gap in the last pic…. TT.TT
    they look cute though… wonder what was going on in their minds… be strong for sunmi!!!

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