Sun Mi to rejoin the Wonder Girls on 13th June?

Update: Sun Mi has actually rejoined the Wonder Girls on 12th June and participated in the recording of KBS Music Bank the same day. So she only effectively rested for 1 1/2 days. Let’s hope she’s feeling better!!!

There’s a possibility that Sun Mi might resume promotional activities with the Wonder Girls from 13th June, 3 days after she fainted during an interview.

In a phone interview with JYP Entertainment this morning

Sun Mi was sent to Yeouido St. Mary’s Hospital yesterday morning after experiencing difficulties in breathing. She was discharged from hospital yesterday afternoon and is now resting in her own home.

The doctors at the hospital diagnosed from the test results that Sun Mi had developed temporary breathing difficulties (hyperventilation syndrome) bought about by fatique.

Sun Mi will head down to the hospital again for another check-up and will not participate in any Wonder Girls activities for today and tomorrow (11th, 12th June).

Looking at the schedule, it’s possible she will not be recording KBS Music Bank which takes place tomorrow. But Sun Mi is probably going to be on Music Core and Inkigayo this weekend. Please take good of yourself Sun Mi because all Wonderfuls will be praying for your well-being!!! Sun Mi


20 thoughts on “Sun Mi to rejoin the Wonder Girls on 13th June?

  1. Wow… First Yu Bin, and not Sun Mi…

    I hope JYP’s not burning them out… -_-;;

    AND YU BIN!!!


  2. Hope for s very speedy recovery for Sunmi! Hopefully she’ll stay healthy from now on. 🙂 We love you girl!

  3. Isn’t it too soon for her to resume activities?
    I want to see her perform with the rest of the girls too but I’d rather her be healthy first.

    Get well soon!

  4. OMG!

    NOOO!! not sunmi =( please get well sunmi!! ^^ I love her, I cant believe Im just hearing about her fainting =( maybe they need another break, first yoobin is not well now sunmi?

  5. i would prefer sun mi to be rested for another few days..

    probably either sunye or ye eun sing her part.

    Get Well soon!

  6. AWWW my Sun Mi,
    I just hope they aren’t rushing her…
    why, JYP would never do such a thing…
    Music Bank won’t be the same without you….
    Get better alien, and comeback with a BANG!!!
    LOVE YOU!!!

  7. It’s going to be empty without her, but at least she’ll be brand new when she comes back. ^_^ Get well soon! The Wonder Girls isn’t complete without you…

  8. Yeah~!!
    Sum mi ar~!
    take care+sleep more+eat more+rest more!!
    eat and sleep as much as possible until 13th XD

  9. Sunmi, rest well!!! ❤

    Hmm.. i wonder.. so will Yeeun sing sunmi’s parts in “So Hot” since she didn’t have that much lines to begin with? or will sunmi’s parts just be played in the background? it kinda sucks since yoobin’s part is pre-recorded.. x_X;; i guess we’ll just have to wait and see..

    wonder girls fighting! 😀

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