Wonder Girls @ 2008 Dream Concert 080607 (5P)

HQ quality pictures of the Wonder Girls performing at the 2008 Dream Concert on 7th June taken by Team.Sosi9. Credit as tagged to them.


15 thoughts on “Wonder Girls @ 2008 Dream Concert 080607 (5P)

  1. I LOVE WONDERGIRLS!!! and i love how this site focuses on bringing us fresh wondergirls news. Unlike other sites who keep on bashing other girl group, this site focuses more on the girls and their talent..keep up the good work and let’s continue supporting WONDERGILRS!

  2. i love all their outfits except Ye Eun’s

    they should really lose that cheetah print stuff though.
    it makes them look too matchy matchy

  3. oh sunye looks amazing…..
    so fashionable! and her v-line is outstanding ^^
    next to her, sohee looks more like a baby then ever
    sunmi looks so low on energy. hope she’ll be all right.

  4. i like yoobin’s out fit the best. then, sohee’s. however, i’ve got to say that yoobin remains the most gorgeous! ^.^

  5. high waisted pants happen to be the fashion trend right now…. vogue, paris, etc. Obviously you guys wouldn’t know because all korean girl groups dress like typical cheerleaders and ‘cutesy’ outfits that are extremely out-dated. If anything, JYP is trying to make a statement with the WGs, almost like the pussycat dolls to give alert for high-end fashion trends right now….

  6. those outfits are really weird.i’m not liking it.i think so hee’s outfit is the only pretty one..

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