Sun Mi Sent to Hospital with Breathing Difficulties

Sun Mi of the Wonder Girls experienced breathing difficulties in the midst of an interview this morning and was subsequently sent to a local hospital for review.

Sun Mi will be fine!

While doing an interview with a local newspaper, Sun Mi suddenly had difficulties in breathing and was immediately sent to the hospital ER. According to JYPE, Sun Mi took a blood test and chest x-rays and are awaiting the results.

According to sources, “She had some breathing difficulties and we still don’t know the reason behind it because it just happened suddenly.  It’s premature to attribute it to fatique and we will only decide after the results are out.”

Another said, “Sun Mi’s body condition hasn’t always been the strongest and she was probably overworked with the hectic So Hot promotion schedule.”

Wonder Girls will continue their schedule this afternoon and the next few days without Sun Mi who will be taking a break while awaiting the results of her test.

We are only in the third week of “So Hot” promotion and Sun Mi is already feeling the fatique. Must be tough juggling school and performing. Hope that JYPE can work something out because Sun Mi is just only 16 afterall.


52 thoughts on “Sun Mi Sent to Hospital with Breathing Difficulties

  1. Mi mi,

    i love u so much. please take care yourself. I’m so worried. love u and i wanna meet u in singapore! ❤

  2. SUNMI!!!!!!!NO my favorite one. -.-
    I’ll pray to God! PLEASE DON’T GO!!!
    JYPE don’t overwork the girls!
    Each one of them are leaving
    First Hyun Ah, YooBin’s vocals, and now SunMi’s breathing problems!???

    Get well soon SunMi Jang! MINYOUNG

  3. I didnt know they bullied sohee at school…why would they do that to her? she is the kind of girl that keeps to herself it seems. =/ I see why she comes off so shy now -__-;

  4. Sun Mi dear girl,
    pls take a good care, so worried when heard the news
    still waiting to see you perform the best concert soon….

  5. News just came out regarding SunMi’s condition. Her SOB or also known as Dyspnea was caused by overworking. And she should be back on the 13th after having some rest ^^ Get well soon SunMi 🙂

  6. =O i literally gasped wehn i read the title
    wahh , no way ! awww our sun mi x___x
    now i really feel like crying
    aww darn it !!! FEEL BETTER SUN MI JJANG ! ❤

  7. this is terrible! yoobin’s throat problem and
    now sun mi has breathing problems! those
    2 are my fave. wonder girls! i hope sun mi
    is okay! <333.

  8. Our Sun Mi get well soon!! i hope it isn’t something serious. please…
    we love you sun mi jjang ❤

  9. OH, NO! SUN MI! i hope it’s nothing serious that’ll make her the next hyun ah of the group! T.T i may be overthinking this. but… yoobin’s already sick, and now, SUNMI! my two favorite members are getting sick! they’re getting sick according to my favorite members! who’s next?! SOHEE!? NOOOOOO!

  10. “difficulty in breathing” <<< when i read that i said to myself “GOD DON’T LET IT BE A HEART PROBLEM!”
    gosh! sunmi~ah! be healthy please!

  11. get well soon my dorky ailen 😀
    hope to see her jumping about again once she’s cleared of any mediacal condition ^^
    guess the other 4 girl’s be damn worried about her too 😦 especially leader min – that girl’s got a big heart ❤

    i hope she’s alright & awaiting for more news report on the diagnosis! it better be something small~

  12. Oh my poor MiMi :((
    Hope she get better soon.

    Uhm..Allkpop is making fun of our alien right now. GOD I hate them

  13. hah, i know this would happen…just like the big bang and the shinhwa case…they should REALLY get a good rest before resuming their activites or JYP have to face the risk of admitting one by one to the hospital…anyway, sunmi , we all love you!! hope she gets better soon…

  14. Get well soon!!! First Yoobin then now sunmi…
    JYP should give the girls a break once in a while…

  15. Poor girl, this is why producers SHOULDNT push little girls into the big world they aren’t ready for. And this is also why they are so popular because they are young, public will pity and love them.

    honestly i’m a big fan of JYP and Wonder Girls.. what i say may be have been harsh but its also true… T_T its just so sad to see sunmi rushing to hospital because of overworking herself… hope you feel better soon sunmi!

  16. Sun Mi! OMG she’s my favourite…God, please bless the girl..i believe she will not end up like hyunA…she’s one strong alien.. Get well soon..

  17. gaaahhh!!!
    JYPE needs to figure something out…. i’m so depressed right now.. get well Sun Mi!!!

  18. NOOOOOOO!!!! first yoobin’s vocal problems now this?!?!?! life is so unfair!!!!
    SunMi, get well soon! we’ll miss your happy dorky self.. 😥

  19. this is killing me…
    SunMi!!! u have to get well soon!!
    please dont end up like Hyun Ah!!! ><

  20. Juggling school by itself is enough of a hassle for me, so what she’s been having to deal with is just… too much. I hope she gets well soon, and hopefully the schedule will lessen up a bit, even though I can’t seem to get enough of the Wonder Girls XD (this shows how selfish I am…). They need to watch their health! especially Sun Mi… T_T

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  22. omg i hope its nothing serious they are working too much they should take rests too, jyp please dont overwork the girls.

    get well sunmi.

  23. I felt very bad when I ‘ve heard this news..They must rest at all reason.

    Get well soon Sun-Mi.

  24. seriously, they have overwork themselves. they should rest.

    Sum Mi ah, get well soon.i hope nothing serious happen.

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