Wonder Girls @ 2008 Dream Concert Rehearsal 080606 (10P)

HQ quality pictures of the Wonder Girls rehearsing for the 2008 Dream Concert on 6th June taken by Star Photo Daily. Credit as tagged to them.


20 thoughts on “Wonder Girls @ 2008 Dream Concert Rehearsal 080606 (10P)

  1. Yoobin looks smexy :3 But besides that.. I WANT Sunmi’s SHIRT! :/

    It’s so awesome.. *.*
    Someone tell me where to find it! lol.. I wish… x/

  2. yoobin *.*

    sun mi looks different. she looks so much older and prettier than “tell me” days. i would even say she resembles sun ye a bit in her second picture.

    i really like their outfits here. when i watched their rehearsal, i couldn’t tell wear the leopard print was on sun ye and sun mi, but then i realized the inside on sun ye’s blazer has it, and both sun ye and sun mi are wearing leopard print stockings on these pictures.

  3. i wish Wonder Girls can come to Malaysia…i just recently being a big fan of them…they’re so talented & have very good image…how to make Wonder Girls popular in Malaysia as they’re popular in Thailand??.. sighhh..

    go Wonder Girls !!!

    MTV Asia Awards 2008 will be held in Malaysia this year…who will be performing ya? any Korean artistes??? hmmm…

  4. this is from their rehearsal.

    sunye looks so pretty.
    i think ye eun’s clothes looks ok still all of them looked so hot!

  5. this isnt the actual performance. they had different outfits for the actual performance. this is the rehearsal pictures.

  6. SMEXY!!
    yoobin is hot!
    now i see that sorta ring/finger accessory they got!
    i watched SGB and i can’t get out of my head when yoobin said that her belly is darker than her legs and her palm and face is the only only ones lighter! hahah!! i wanna see her belly then!

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