So Hee addresses Park Hyun Bin as Samchoon instead of Oppa

Trot singer Park Hyun Bin was addressed directly by Ahn So Hee of the Wonder Girls as a samchoon (means uncle in English) naturally.

In the 7th June broadcast of KBS “Star Golden Bell”, Park Hyun Bin had expressed that amongst the Wonder Girls, he likes So Hee the best.

But So Hee expressed, “I feel a bit burdened (because I don’t like)”, and had an awkward look on her face. When Park Hyun Bin knew that So Hee would be appearing during the show, he had taken care to dress himself up to impress her. But So Hee was apparently unimpressed and didn’t show much concern.

And when So Hee addressed Park Hyun Bin, she didn’t say “Annyong oppa”, but said “Annyoung samchoon” instead, leading to everyone erupting in laughter.

Star Golden Bell Ep.188 English Subbed 060708 (by vinchenzo79)


25 thoughts on “So Hee addresses Park Hyun Bin as Samchoon instead of Oppa

  1. this articles make her look like she is kind of fussy and bossy.
    i saw the whole show. it just she is shy. don’t criticize her too much. let her grow peacefully.

  2. Sohee’s not a very open person if you haven’t noticed.
    And she doesn’t do it on purpose.
    She’s just EXTREMELY shy to peopel she doesn’t know
    ESPECIALLY in large groups.
    It’s not “rude” it’s her nature.
    Alot of people are like that. including me but she just gets more talk over it because she’s famous.
    She’s still an awkward teenager.

  3. To me she came off as negative and rude, not “shy”, or “cute”. All the other girls smile, and laugh politely, but she sits there with the same stank expression.

  4. I wish they showed more Sun Mi. 😦 She is FANTASTIC entertainment. Much better than Soo Hee I think. 🙂

  5. OMG So Hee was so “BLAH” she really didnt seem interested in the show at all.
    Yoo Bin was gorgeous throught out. YAY

  6. LOL I’ve watched this sgb. It wasn’t anything serious though. Obviously Sohee was really really shy. And she was like all blur and just agreeing to what the host said. Oh well,it is Sohee after all. She’s always expressionless and quiet. She did not do the ‘anguished face’ either. She just don’t know how to react. It is their 1st appearance after their comeback,you know.

  7. the episode of SGB wasn’t as funny as i thought it would be, or maybe i just had high expectations since last week’s was hilarious.

    for someone that the camera focuses on a lot, sohee doesn’t really show any type of personality or interest in being there. she needs to loosen up a bit and have fun, atleast play along and laugh or something.

  8. it was hilarious! i love how sohee’s so shy that she feels burdened! hahaha! poor hyun bin! i wonder what he felt. he must’ve been embarrassed that his favorite WG is burdened by him liking her. hahaa!

  9. LOL, Sohee is so cute!
    I love that she immediately looked away when their eyes met after he said that she was his favorite XD.

  10. i watched the whole thing yesterday 😀 sohee’s so shy! she keeps sticking out her tongue whenever questions were being asked and mc jaedong talked to her as if she’s a baby rofl. i liked how sungmin and yoobin were interacting behind(: and eeteuk/sunye’s kinda interesting ;3

  11. lol. this was so cute. good thing he was a sport.
    our mandu is really popular…

    shabang shabang was the best.

  12. that moment was super hilarious… her face when kim jaedong asked her if she liked that park hyunbin liked her was hilarious =D and she couldn’t meet his eyes whenever he looked at her – haha!

    tho, it looked like she was uncomfortable speaking in ban-mal (lower talk like with people the same-age) to him by saying “ahnyoung” instead of “ahnyounghaseyo”. she only felt comfortable after calling him “sam-choon” (uncle) not ahjussi.

    haha, you have to love her ‘shya-bang shya-bang’ – that was sooo cute.

  13. btw your post is very misleading. he didn’t dress up for her.. he’s dressed like everyboyd else. & im sure he didnt “dress up nicely” to impress her. b/c he looks the same as always.
    but he did state he thinks wg is the best girl group in korea & taht he really likes them.. & that sohee is his favorite in wg.

  14. I saw the whole episode and it was hilarious. So Hee was so adorable throughout the entire show and her actions really made me laugh.

  15. how old is park hyun bin anyhow? i think he’s about 10 years older than so hee right? is that oppa or ahjussi age? i’m not even sure lol.

    i love how he said wonder girls are my favorite female group….but didn’t he say the exact same thing to snsd? hahah…..what a player 😛

    anyhow, i actually like him because he’s really funny…..but so hee was super shy.

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