Wonder Girls So Hot @ 2008 Dream Concert 080607

Wonder Girls red hot “So Hot” performance yesterday at the 2008 Dream Concert just shown on SBS television. Because they had to edit from the 3 hr concert into one hour 40 mins show, so “Tell Me” and “Irony” was cut from the broadcast. Not their best performance though I have to admit. (HQ version)

But here’s Wonder Girls No.1 fan, Kim Hee Chul doing another “Tell Me” imitation


16 thoughts on “Wonder Girls So Hot @ 2008 Dream Concert 080607

  1. lol look at heechul he looks so adorable he really likes wonder girls i mean who wouldnt love them they are amazing they dont bash other celebs unlike others out there,hehe


  2. i know. i dont understand why sbs editted wg’s perf like that. they destroyed it. it seemed darker in the audience.. when in fancams its all bright and .. ahh.

    i think they did ok. this perf was ok. i think they got tired coz they performed Irony and tell me first.. then So hot. thats why it was like that. ^^

  3. woot woot!!!

    Heechul is a true wonderful!!!

    hate sbs’s guts…
    i knew they were going to edit, but c’mon…leave the cheers intact at least… wonder how much SM paid them for that…

    sry, i’m just angry, nothing against SNSD, but its not WG’s fault they got in trouble with FCs….

  4. “So Hot” must be a really tough song to perform >__>;;. They always do okay whenever singing any other song live, but with “So Hot”, everything seems to fall apart. Probably because of the dancing.

    But Ye Eun still managed to pull off her portion of the song pretty well in this performance. As for the other girls: So Hee was getting a little lazy with the dancing, Sun Ye is having a lot of difficulty keeping up, and Sun Mi is doing okay but she could probably do better without the dancing… Yoo Bin is lucky that she can lip-synch XD.

    Haha, Hee Chul is so cute ❤

  5. OPPPAAAAA!!!!! Heechhullll-sshiii..
    wah. i so love heechul..
    and wonder girls of course. my goodness. the screams are so loud. woot.

  6. Yeah, I was wondering where their other 2 performances disappeared to. Thanks for clearing that up for us.

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