Big Thank You To All Fanclubs for their Wonder Girls Support @ Dream Concert 2008

This was the scene when all the lightsticks of various fanclubs lighted up in unison when the Wonder Girls started performing. According to fans in attendance, the Wonder Girls were highly popular as different sets of fans sang along with them when they performed Irony, Tell Me and So Hot with the atmosphere being red hot. All of the fans showed their support with loud cheers and waving of their lightsticks. Their cheers were so loud that it nearly drowned out the voice of the Wonder Girls as the fans could barely hear them!

Unfortunately, unlike their nice looking outfits at Music Core and at the red carpet, their image concept for their performance was awful. Other than Sun Mi and So Hee who had better clothes, the others simply looked weird.

It was unfortunate that the boycott against So Nyeo Shi Dae really did happened as all lightsticks from major fanclubs were hidden except for So Nyeo Shi Dae fans when they took to the stage to perform as the stadium went almost silent. Many fans also started shouting Wonder Girls instead. But this wasn’t the result of the so-called boycott but rather because of some SNSD fans who ripped DBSK and SUJU posters. Thus, it led to them wanting to teach SNSD fans “a lesson”. Nevertheless, the groups are not to be blamed since it’s some extremist fans who puts them in an unfortunate bad light.

Excited after reading all that? Well me too!!! Videos will be out later today.

credit: WG-CN for picture and fan reports


72 thoughts on “Big Thank You To All Fanclubs for their Wonder Girls Support @ Dream Concert 2008

  1. I really feel bad for snsd..
    they didn’t deserve the boycott but their fans are really something.. XD
    but the suju and dbsk fans shouldnt have called out wonder girls name too! (thats what you said)

    now a lot of snsd fans are comparing wonder girls and snsd all the time… seems like in comparison game.. wonder girls are losing.. sob….

    but can’t really hear it on the video thought.. XD

  2. I will feel really sad if that happens to WG too but I know this won’t happen.
    And ,wondergirls4ever_94, you really must be proud of being a wonderful because the most of you are just adorable…
    Respectful, supportive…
    Thank’s to all the Wonderfuls out there that are like you!

  3. I think i’m gonna love WG more
    I know they’re talented but i’m gonna love them more because of fans like you.
    I was touched to see so many WG fans saying that they feel sad because of the SNSD incident. Thank you very much…

    WG fans and SNSD fans aren’t that different.
    Actually we don’t feel that much hate towards each other. Unfortunately, ELF and Cassi do. They hate SNSD.
    I’m talking in general. I’m a Cassi and an ELF too but…
    Well, every fanclub has immature members.

    Hope Woderfuls and SNSD fans will end this fight between fans and will be united as ELF and Cassiopeia are, but without hate towards WG or SNSD.

    Take Care…

  4. @sya_fhya
    I’m sorry if I said anything that hurt your feelings.. u misunderstood me.. I ment the antis… I’m very thankful that soshi fans like you would have the same feeling on wonder girls if this had happen to them… I’m sure if all the other soshi fans were as nice as you, this kinda thing won’t happen… I like girls generation to… SNSD AND WONDER GIRLS FIGHTING!!!!!

  5. ^not really. not all snsd fans are immature. excuse you.
    i would feel bad if it was wg/suju/other groups.

  6. wow… this is the main reason i like to be a wonderful… everyone is so nice… you all feel sorry 4 SNSD over what had happened… I mean, imagine it was WG who got boed.. I’m sure that SNSD fans would laugh and booed them even more… I think wonder girls would relly be proud of having mature, fantastic, supportive, understanding fans like the wonderfuls… and to all wonderfuls out there, ignore what the snsd’s fans bad words towards WG… what is more important is our support on WG…. WG GO GO GO!!!

  7. I’m love WG waaaayyyyyyy more than SNSD. It’ great to see fans singing along with them.It’s so nice and cool.
    I don’t think the problem only lies on Tiffany.I heard other members were disrespectful to sunbaes.I mean,come on..Shinhwa is KOREA LEGENDS~ why want to make fun or joke about them.SNSD ( Tiffany ) should think before she speak. I pity SNSD though. They worked hard and this is what they get..tsk~ tsk~ tsk~


  8. This is great. I feel bad for snsd though. Oh yea I remember watching the video of snsd. While snsd were performing.. all the fans chanted WONDER GIRLS. Whoa..

  9. i’ve been spazzing since yesterday

    @Q, it wrong to say that the fanclubs only cheered bcause of SNSD.. Wonderfuls and the other FCs were in alliance to cheer for each other since last year, before snsd even debuted.. its insulting to see that they are only get support because of the drama…

    go, go WG!!! they didn’t do their best, but it was enjoyable

  10. so hee have the cutest outfit,
    what are jyp trying to do with our leader? pleaseee get rid of those ajumma pants, she’s way hotter than that

    im sorry to hear all the drama esp to snsd, they dont deserve this, imagine practising so hard and all you get is booed,
    both side of fans needs to get a life,

  11. omg i must be going wonderblind because i like the outfits O_O (but yes, sohee and sunmi’s are the nicest!)

    my heart really goes out to snsd because really– everyone knows how crazy psycho korean fans are. this concert is about everyone coming together and just enjoyed what kpop has to offer (haha) and it was sad to see SNSD have to get the short end of all that

    wondergirls and SNSD fighting!

  12. @breath

    “people will pity them and will fight & support them
    they will earn new fans because they feel sorry for them.”

    are you crazy? Who has ever turn into a fan out of pity? lmao.

  13. 51 breath: i agree and disagree, i do feel sorry for them because they didn’t deserve it from the first place. but yeah they’re going to be more popular than ever.. in a good way ^^ soshi ❤

    enough with snsd, wg did an awesome job 😀 i think sohees voice improves by the time. yoobin is so frikkin’ hot. love their dance in “So Hot”

  14. wow…

    two thumbs up for WG..

    i love the cheering stuff…

    it’s like a choir…haha…

    the outfits not so cute compared to what they had wore on Music Core….. but that’s not the point…

    they did well…

    love the sea of glowsticks…

    felt so sorry about snsd…
    but, live must go on…

    whoa!!.. the power of fc..
    from silence turn to super loud concert…

    i heard there are some incidents happened like snsd’s fanboys ripped that SuJu n DBSK banners… and snsd’s fans stabbing ELF’s fans?… i read it at popseoul….
    gosh, that’s not a dream concert.. it turned out to be a super terrified one… gosh…

    so scary…

    and yeah, thnx to WONDERFULS and others fcs that supporting our wonderful WG…. muehehe

  15. if it WASN’T the case about hating Tiffany or being jealous of SNSD interacting w/ the dbsk&suju boys, but MORE the reason of teaching the SNSD fans a lesson for ripping the banners…
    Why would SNSD fans tear DBSK/Suju banners in the first place?

    this is all too weird.. this makes it seems like it’s the SNSD fans’ fault that started this whole mess.. and as a result, it’s their idols(SNSD) who are being hurt.. ironic isn’t it?

    dont mess with korean fans.. they’re way too scary.. haha~

  16. i will never forget the rude thick face girl!!!
    even if she is sorry its always stick on my mind.
    she said sorry and i forgive her but i will never be a fan of that girl.

    she is doing a cute face but at the back she is a slut!

    never annoy a fan
    you will never know what a fan can do!

  17. ohh my god!
    & yeah i’m kinda sad for SNSD even thou i aint their fan but sighh* every idol group would hate to suffer something like this aint it? i think snsd fans’s really immature -.-” what’s the point of tearing other ppl’s stuff, & get this back in exchange. Lesson learnt? :/
    anyway, this shows the influence of FANS IN KOREA!

    NEVER,NEVER! EVER piss of the fans. *waves light sticks!*

    really sweet to see all fans from various idols screaming/Singing along all together for WG. & of course the wonderful..WONDER FUL FANS!~ *jjang!

  18. honestly i don’t feel sorry for snsd
    in fact…because of the situation I’m sure they will be more popular now because of what just happened at DC

    people will pity them and will fight & support them
    they will earn new fans because they feel sorry for them.

    LSM is wise he will make a statement for snsd and will do anything.

  19. i know ppl are happy other FC are cheering for WG, but I’d rather them cheer for them moderately to show they like or are okay with them, rather that to cheer for them madly as a way to punish another group. I think WG deserves better than to be used like that.

  20. @HAPPY
    it was not for Wonder Girls, but it was for SNSD.
    I felt bad actually about this. I was really right that
    something bad will happen.. I was really right..

    Dream Concert turns out to be Nightmare Concert? -.-

  21. is it me or yoobin is really skinny these days..LOL
    anyways….CONGRATS TO WG!!!!
    a very splendid job on their performance!!
    as well as the fanclubs who cheered!!
    Whatever commotion there is the girls RULED that night!!

  22. I’d just like to correct coolsmurf and anyone else misinformed: the reason why fans boycotted snsd was NOT because of a specific member but because of some snsd fans who ripped dbsk and suju posters. This is confirmed by numerous people who were present during the concert, both snsd fans and not. The fans apparently did this “to teach snsd FANS a lesson” and not a snsd member specifically. The boycott, therefore, was not meant to target the girls but their fans. You really should edit your article before more bashing of that specific member ensues as we all know who that member is. Thank you.

  23. =] Good for wonder girls, they’ve been doing really well ^^

    @TSi, fyi, Shinhwa Changjo was one of the few [or only?] fanclubs that cheered for SNSD when they came out. There were only about 50 SHCJers, since there were no Shinhwa members in the concert anyways.

  24. ohmygosh! this makes me so happy. i thought i was going to cry!! i can’t imagine how the wonder girls felt, seeing so many people support them! i would cry so much! despite the fact that the girls generation pretty much deserves it (i read all about tiffany’s mishaps through ShenYuePop ( ) and from comment 14 by jaime), i feel bad for them. i feel like it was mostly because of tiffany, and that the whole group must now suffer. i don’t blame the fans though.

    but i agree with everybody. korean fans are so scary!!! >.< if fanclubs unite, they can overthrow the government i bet! @.@ oh dear!

    i hope they didn’t purposely cheered for WG just to spite SNSD because it’s so great to see so many supporters behind WG. i hope everyone had a genuine motive.

    ohhh, how i wish i were there! T.T i WILL see the wonder girls one day!

  25. lmfao, people who thinks that bands or groups that have rivalry and fanbase that hate each other is “mean”… please, get used to it, this is life, not your dreamy world.

    this just proves which groups going up and which groups going down, this is reality, not everyone succeed, get used to it. the world is brutal, esp when ur in the entertainment field.

    if “everyone” can live happily ever after, the fans that support multiple artist would be broke ass poor.

  26. annnneewaayzz back to WonderGirls!
    I wish I was there! For sure I’d be holding the pink? light XD

  27. ahah……..that some cheers……but uknow what i hear that some of the “other fans” “the alliance” were rude to wonder girls too!!!!………..

    They shouted ‘disband’ ‘wonder girls’ ‘plastic surgery generation (성형시대)’ etc……… ya

  28. @puchuu: lol…so true…

    @tiffany: totally agree!

    With that said, SNSD and Wonder Girls Fighting!!!

  29. as much as i like wonder girls wayy more than snsd..i think it’s kinda disrespectful to snsd cus both of the groups worked very hard to become singers

  30. Great job Wonder Girls. (:
    ^ I would’ve ripped their posters too (which I’m sure didn’t happen but anti-fans are crazy and over exaggerate) if I had water poured on me. (;

  31. Go wondergirls!
    Ye Eun’s outfit was not pretty to look at but she sounded great so it’s ok…

    Btw, regarding snsd, it wasn’t only b/c of tiffany that antis boycotted them, apparantly the taesu scandal was also a factor and the fact that soshi fans ‘accidentally’ ripped dbsk banners….
    Regardless, I don’t think they deserved what they got. Hope they’ll get through this!

    Besides, didn’t the wg’s just say that they admired snsd…I don’t think they would have wanted their fans to do this…

  32. You guys have to remember that one of the reasons why they cheered for Wonder Girls loudly because SNSD is considered their rival and what way to hurt SNSD’s pride more than cheering for Wonder Girls?

  33. gahhhh!!!! im so happy for WG!!! and thank you to all the fan clubs!!!!!ahhhh!!! soo happy im about to cry T_T and i was sad about SNSD too but….yeah….

  34. the wonder girls are really loved by everyone!!
    compared to that SNSD dream concert clip above, u guys should check this one out:

    Wonder Girls – So Hot , Irony, Tell Me @ Dream Concert

    it’s really sad for SNSD, especially since Wonder Girls performed right after them… from silence/darkness to roaring cheers/bright audience.

  35. i forgot to add my real comment lol..

    Is there going to be a download for this? I think there was downloads last year, were there?

  36. LMFAO, this is what happens when u try to mess with the Shinhwa… they have such big fan base, lmfao… i guess Shinhwa fans owned them back.

    Ahaha, that is the funniest shyt every, aren’t they the same producing company too? tats harsh.

  37. power of krn fans wow!! its like compare and contrast with snsd& wg….

    well’ WG KINGWANGJJANG. they rocked out there and everyone united as one to cheer for them yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. korean fanclubs are kinda scary O.O;

    but YAY FOR WONDER GIRLS!!!!! they looked like they really owned the whole place – everyone was soooooooo loud!

  39. thanx to all the fanclubs that cheered for wonder girls …. cassis, elfs n triple s … and of course the wonderfuls …. i’m so glad they were really supportive of the girls and the performance rocked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. ^ yup i thought that it was all talk too, i couldnt believe they actually did it. That was really scary, the korean fans.

    anyway YAY our girls is LOVE =]

  41. ^whoa.. aren’t u a little extreme here? there’s no reason to curse.. x_X;;

    im not much a fan of SNSD, but still… it’s really sad! i can’t believe the boycott actually happened! i initially thought it was all talk!! whoa~ the power of fans in korea.. *-*

    on the other hand, congratulations to the wonder girls! the girls have grown so much!!! ❤ wonder girls fighting!!!

  42. nah, i don’t think it’s because of any of the soshi members. rumour has it that some soshi fans slashed only13 banners. wtf is up with that? these fans need to have some maturity up in their head, seriously..

    other than that, i think the girls look fabulous (hell yes) and the fans are so, so sweet(:

  43. It was all Tiffany’s fault. She was very rude and disrespectful towards various seniors and her apologies didn’t seem very sincere.

  44. lol.. i don’t think he should change the article, because he didn’t mention anyone.. it could be any snsd member…

    Though i feel terrible for snsd, i don’t see why we can’t say the truth… sorry the fans were so immature, but its not like they did anything… they were just silent… its sad, but they could’ve done worst…they don’t support snsd so why should they cheer?? just my opinion… its sad, but its somewhat understandable…

  45. i’m so happy for the wonder girls!!
    but i do feel bad for snsd, i hope they dont blame WG.

    anyways i like snsd but i love the wonder girls!

  46. “Well it wasn’t that nice because So Nyeo Shi Dae has worked really hard since debuting but because of that one person, their effort is being undermined.”

    Because of Tiffany? There are SO many different reasons why fans ‘boycotted’ SNSD’s performance (mainly jealous fans because of interactions between them and other boy groups) and it’s just not because of Tiffany. You should really change your article before someone posts it on different websites and leads to MORE bashing on Tiffany. Thanks.


    OMG All the fanclubs cheering for them it’s so HOT !!
    U can hear the whole stadium !!
    Everyone love their songs OMG A BIG THANK U !!

    Too bad for SNSD… is it because of Taeyeon they boycott this ?

  48. i think that yoobin’s and yeeun’s outfits were fine except for sunye’s. that was oneeee ugggglllllyyyy outfit! o_O

    anyways…why did the other fanclubs have a boycott against snsd?

  49. i feel really bad for SNSD

    anyway, the crowds were too loud during WG singing. i can hardly listen to what they are singing LOL

  50. the whole snsd thing was soo sad.. i know they expected it, so i hope they didn’t take it too harshly…


  51. i always read on wonder girls’ news that i now know nothing of SNSD updates…i really dont know what happened…can some nice soul please explain to me??and who is the ‘one person’ anyway??
    hmm, i pity the SNSD, but then again, good job Wonder Girls and thanks to other fanclubs for substituting us who unfortunately cant go there…

  52. Thank you for supporting wonder girls.
    all love.

    yes, i dont love their outfits but its okay.
    go wonder girls… XD

  53. Well It’s good to see all FCs cheer for WGs ^^
    And the boyscott thing is really immature. This is the first Dream Concert that SNSD perform right?

  54. wow wow. ok sooo one thing. never piss off the fanclubs.
    but im not surprised.

    gooo WG! ok imma watch it now. =)

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