Wonder Girls So Hot @ MBC Music Core 080607

Following the end of their comeback stages at all three gayo shows, the Wonder Girls reverted back to just performing “So Hot” now. So did they surpass their less than ideal comeback stage a week ago? Well, to sum it up, it was pitch perfect, PERFECTO. It sounded and look good even on the choppy streaming. Even So Hee for once, I had nothing to fault her, clap clap. They wore new outfits again, matching leopard print clothing with black.

HQ Version (credit to ahboo)

Now for Dream Concert tonight!


21 thoughts on “Wonder Girls So Hot @ MBC Music Core 080607

  1. Does anyone know the password for this Video? Because after i Download it , i couldn’t open it without a password >< please help…..thank you very much

  2. XD I think their performance of So Hot” was a lot better here than in the Dream Concert! ❀ I agree with you coolsmurf, they did a good job here.

  3. sunmi’s top is a bit too much for my taste, the stylist must be loving her now but seriously they better not overdue the sexy thing with that girl =/ she has too much talent for it

    Her hair is looking amazing though, the stage was really cool and they sounded great.

  4. I think the performance was overall good, but I wouldn’t say the pitch was perfecto. SunMi I guess still has nerves of singing first because her pitch is off on the first line. And also SunYe could really try to sing a little louder on her verse. Other than that, this is the best performance up to date.

  5. sohee definitely improved!!! yay for sohee!!! im loving her outfit.. ❀ i still dislike sunye’s high-waist pants.. sigh*
    the stage is pretty neat. It’s how do you say… 80s looking? lol..

  6. hellyeaaaahh~~this perf rocked

    all of them were superb today,the outfits were nicer&glad that sohee’s singing improved too πŸ˜‰

    waitin for dream concert now

  7. definitely perfect … sohee stepped it up … this by far my fave performance of so hot … gambatte!!!!


    can’t wait til dream concert …although i like dbsk imma be watchin it coz of WG !!!!!

  8. perfecto indeed… though DBSK will be there, i think WG are the main headliners.. hehehe, to me at least!

    Great performance… charisma x10000

  9. I m waiting for post Dream Concert bz i cant sit on computer when WGs show today
    T^T so sad
    Thank you for software

  10. that was very hot.
    so hee stepped it up. she was awesome!
    many many times better. ^^

    this was pre-recorded right?
    dream concert, here i go!

  11. Dream Concert will be posted later. I know it will be on SBS and online.

    first performance should be MEILIN – 였늘 λ°€ μ–΄λ•Œ

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