Wonder Girls Red Carpet Pictures @ 2008 Dream Concert 080607

Pictures of the Wonder Girls arriving at Dream Concert 2008 venue and walking the red carpet, meeting the fans and posing for the media. They all look smoking hot, especially Sun Ye!!!

credit: as tagged


25 thoughts on “Wonder Girls Red Carpet Pictures @ 2008 Dream Concert 080607

  1. I want what Sohee is wearing, with SunYe and YeEun’s shoes.
    SunYe has such a perfect face, and SunMi is so perfectly, SunMi-like (<– does that work as an adverb? o.o) pretty. Yoobin's hair and face is just so cute; YeBin have like, perfectly cute and button-like faces.

  2. omg,all girls are looking soo feminine and stylish,sunmis and sunyes dresses are just love,i want those outfits for myself
    thnk you for the pics also

  3. @szai
    that cracked me up. XD

    sun ye’s definitely the best dressed.

    but i think sun mi remains to be the prettiest (although her dress is my least favorite.), and yoobin remains sexiest (although i’m not a fan of her flapper-like dress either). yoobin’s hair and complexion really does it all for me! next to yoobin, sun mi and sun ye look white. hahaha! compare their legs.

  4. whoa leader min lookin soooo fly from top to toe~!! <333
    that dress is simply fab on her.she should show off her legs more often^^
    binnie’s killer legs are shiny ^.^
    and sunmi looks really cute in her outfit too!

    thanks for the pic post hahah

  5. I am dying for SooHee and Sun Ye’s shoes. And Sun Mi looks SO PRETTY! Sun Ye looks hot. SO SO SO HOT! Not too hyped about Yeu Eun’s hair though…

  6. hehe i was watching the clip of the red carpet. hehe so hee is soo cute. i think its instinct to pose like that.. ^^

    sunye is really rocking the hair! she looks awesome! =)

  7. all of them look so pretty! i like yoobin
    and sunye outfit’s the best though. and
    i love yoobins hair! sun mi hair looks really
    cute tied up half way and then curly at
    the bottom.

  8. sun ye really looks the best
    and so hee looks like a lovely young lady
    i see them holding hands ! haha scandal ?! jk

  9. omg i love how classy and mature their look is now. they’re becoming wonderwomen before our very eyes 😀

    thanks for sharing! can’t wait until this is broadcast !

  10. sun mi so pretty, she look so prettier since she gain some more weight…

    go go pretty gals…!! ^__^

  11. Ooooooooooooooooooooooh GIRLS looks all so gorgeous
    I love the heels
    U can definitely tell Sun-mi is the youngest on those photos
    Love Yoobin’s samba lookin dress and her legggggggggg
    I love her leg jealous 🙂

  12. wah..they looks so good. im upset. i dont know how to work pandora ><

    but this made me lighten a bit..weee..

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