Wonder Girls Cuts @ Star Golden Bell 080607

Two cuts by passionKOREA at Youtube of the Wonder Girls from the Star Golden Bell episode today. The first sees the Wonder Girls dancing to “So Hot” in school uniforms and the second playing the pronounication game. Additional cut by ahboo where Park Hyun Bin induces So Hee to sing a part of a trot song, Sha Bang Sha Bang, cuteness mandu eruption.


21 thoughts on “Wonder Girls Cuts @ Star Golden Bell 080607

  1. you could totally tell sohee did not want to sing shabang shabang with hyun bin. Just look at her expressions, she looked embarassed.

  2. wahhh! kyeoptaaa~~! sohee’s so adorable here! XD i actually found it funny when they were dancing to so hot because it seems like they were just having fun with it, especially sun mi! ^.^

  3. aww… sohee was so cute… and the dancing was awesome… and the game looked funny (<3 yoobin)

    oh also, this person subs star golden bell all the time and does a good job if anyone wants to see (i’m watching his page very closely to see when it comes out):

  4. OMG!!! sohee is so adorable!!! when i first got into wonder girls, i didn’t really like her, but now she’s like my 2nd favorite member!!! omg.. she really grows on you… I ❤ sohee!!

  5. Mandu was way too cute here. I just wanted to pinch her cheeks! She was doing that blowfish face during their So Hot performance.

  6. mandu is soo cute when they were doin shabang shabang.. and they seem soo shy doin so hot in their “uniform” sunmi was cracking up doin it …

  7. i bet half those guys in the back were staring at sunmi’s behind while they were dancing!

  8. Mandu, you puff up every time you get shy.
    Sun Mi I love you ! Crazy, I’ve been on Wonder Bang these days, I hope Big Bang does ” So Hot ” soon.

  9. they must be a lil shy .. embarrassed performing in front of other artists.. hehe. its obvious that so hee was! ^^ =)

  10. okay now i REALLY wanna watch this XD
    again so hee doesnt look too happy .
    why must they do that !

  11. PUAHHAHAA omg i’m loving sunmi and sohee’s expressions during the dance XD

    these girls are too adorable~

  12. yu should add the Sha Bang Sha Bang mment of sohee it’s so cute! hahaha it’s just get it from my blog gah! sohee was so cute there! i really hope you sub this!

  13. MOuhaha So Hot I love Sunmi laughing at the beginning lol

    2nd video Sohee and her face, looks at her glance xD
    She’ll never change lol

  14. mandu in that last video is so cute..especially in the last part.
    im loving manduuu ><
    awww… hope these get subbed too..
    so hot.


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