Wonder Girls @ 2008 Dream Concert Broadcast

The Korean Entertainment Producers Association and broadcasting station SBS join hands for a music festival called “I Love Korea! 2008 Dream Concert,” which will be held at 7 pm this evening at the Seoul Jamsil Olympic Stadium.

2008 Dream Concert

The said music festival will be attended by no less than top singers in the Korean music scene like TVXQ, SS501, Epik High, Super Junior, MC Mong, Jewelry, Maya, Wonder Girls, Girls’ Generation, Buga Kingz, Baechigi, Typhoon, Shinee, Mighty Mouth, Peter and special guest Japanese-born Korean judo player Yoshihiro Akiyama. Unable to be there? You can watch it live online.

Judging from the rehearsals, they will be singing three songs.

Wonder Girls Irony, Tell Me Rehearsal for Dream Concert 080606

Wonder Girls So Hot Rehearsal for Dream Concert 080606

There are two ways you can watch it. Firstly, through Pandora TV which will air the entire Dream Concert on June 8th at 12am via tape delay. Yes, it’s not a live stream. Another way is through SBS (using TVAnts) on June 8th at 3.30pm but it’s an edited version clocking in at 1hr 40mins. Finally, if you aren’t free or can’t use the above two methods, just wait for HQ version by the mighty Ahboo.


4 thoughts on “Wonder Girls @ 2008 Dream Concert Broadcast

  1. omgosh, sunye’s skirt is sooooooooooooo hot
    same with whatever yoobin is wearing
    im the real sunmi marry me btw ~.^

  2. The LIVE doesn’t work yet… it’s in 1 hour right ?

    OMG so happy there is so much WG stuffs these days 😀

    I wanna thank u again Alvin !! ^_^

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