Wonder Girls Instant K-Chart No.1 with MuBank Comeback

Wonder Girls who swept Korea away with their “Tell Me” syndrome last year, came back to KBS 2TV “Music Bank” and took K-Chart No.1 before tearing. This feat was only achieved after 6 days of free-to-air airing.

Wonder Girls had released their new album on the 22nd of last month and they had their comeback stage on MBC “Music Core” on 31st May. This was their first performance on tv following their six months hiatus and they took to the stage again the next day on SBS “Inkigayo”. They completed their comeback today with KBS “Music Bank” as they now enter their promotional activities period.

However, the “comeback” title doesn’t seem to apply as the Wonder Girls’s popularity is soaring by the minute. “So Hot” is experiencing an explosive reaction from fans, claiming No.1 on various music charts and also “Music Bank” just six days after their comeback.

At “Music Bank”, Wonder Girls first performed “This Time”, showing their pure and innocent image, and then with a 180 degree image change as “So Hot” showcased their much matured stage presence.

With the release of “So Hot”, Wonder Girls took Cyworld No.1 on the day of release, and within two days on 24th May, they also took MelOn, Dosirak and other major online sites. Heading to the top with surprising speed, their rise is faster than the “Tell Me” mania of last year.

Also by sweeping away the various search engines on the internet, it foretells the “So Hot” popularity that we are about to experience with the Wonder Girls.

translated by gunners74.


18 thoughts on “Wonder Girls Instant K-Chart No.1 with MuBank Comeback

    im not lying when i say this
    i was watching this
    and when they won, and sunye just started pouring,
    idk why but i cried
    tears actually came down
    i was so shocked
    but i just love them

  2. does anyone know when star show and star golden bell airs?
    just wondering

  3. OMG! im so happy for them! did anything like this happen before in Korea? i mean just 6 days of being out in TV and just the day of their comeback winning no. 1???haha that’s incredible! Wonder Girls are truly a WONDER and JYP is a GENIUS! hahah! i just have to say that!

  4. I’ve been seeing so many huge celebs with this song on their cyworld. =D alot of models and singers seem to be playing it haha

  5. they truly are a wonder. their first day back at work and they’re already sweeping all the awards XD

    wondergirls fighting!

  6. big surprise… haha, that didn’t take long to happen.
    aww…sun ye’s crying…

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