Wonder Girls Comeback Stage @ KBS Music Bank 080606

Music Bank now in progress. Click 2TV over at this page to view Music Bank.

Wonder Girls was in the running for No.1 with MC Mong’s “Circus” and Crown J’s “Too Much”. Amazing considering that they had just released the song and they are already competing for it on the same show as their comeback performance, how awesome is that. Music Bank really loves the Wonder Girls.

The Wonder Girls then appeared in the “Waiting Room” segment with their clenched fists towards the camera, showing their knuckle rings and then doing their “flower dance” pose, looking cute and dorky. They came out 3/4 into the show since they were competing for No.1.

They performed “This Time” first followed by “So Hot”. It was really good hearing them singing “This Time” once more and this song sort of grows on you. Frankly, unlike most, I didn’t really like this initially. But somehow it has found a place in my heart. Their new outfits looked great with all baring their shoulders with the exception of the two youngest members. “So Hot” also sounded good overall with So Hee not fluffing any lines. Practise makes perfect and they are more confident now it seems. It was a good performance overall.

The Wonder Girls won No.1 on their comeback and Sun Ye cried!!!

Get your HQ Downloads of the above, credit to ahboo.


41 thoughts on “Wonder Girls Comeback Stage @ KBS Music Bank 080606

  1. yess..can’t believe they got the # 1 spot in just few few days after their comeback!!!
    >btw its my first time to see sun mi without any ponytail or something and with just really straight hair.. i think its her natural hair [the straight one].. and sun ye’s hair is really cut right???

  2. wow! i cant believe they already won #1!

    i’m so excited and so happy for them!
    They deserve it! omg, how awesome is that!?
    it was their comeback on music bank and they already won!

    love them<3

  3. good job wonder girls! I really love this song, so catchy. I feel that Sun Ye is out of breath in these performances, though; however she does still sing very well, and so hee, sun mi were lots better in this performance! They all were, but I definitely think Ye Eun shines the most in this sing, she sings and dances almost perfectly! Good job wonder girls. I guess the music core performance really was just nerves.

    And about the interview, yoo bin’s legs are great, but I honestly think that so hee’s legs are “so hot”. During the MV I honestly just stared at them for a bit, they’re so long and fit

  4. it’s not about the music bank liking wonder girls.
    it’s about their popularity. although it’s not the
    first time ever that an artist has won #1 right for
    their come back performance, it’s pretty darn
    good…especially because they didn’t expect it.
    jyp is one smart person and wonder girls deserve it.

    this also proves that their popularity is won by THEMSELVES
    and not from that nonsense of other fans blabbing special stages…

  5. aww sun ye cried ! don’t cry babygirl !
    u did good , u did your girls proud
    and most importantly , u did us proud !!

  6. They’re performance in Inkigayo is better, but this was great! I’m so happy for them! I LOVE WONDER GIRLS!!

  7. Dang, already no.1! in just a few weeks! That’s so amazing, and I definitely have to congratulate them! They worked so hard XD, and it was a very good performance.

  8. Heehee – they were all set to applaud the winners, and when they *were* the winners, they looked like they didn’t know what to do!

    This performance seemed to have more energy & they looked happier – can you be more relaxed & more energetic at the same time?

    So Hot So Fine So Cool So So So Hot Hot!

  9. Haha i love Sohee when she found out she won haha. And wow 1 st comeback and already in the lead Congrat


  10. thanks coolsmurf for ur information about WONDER GIRLS
    they’re very smart cool cute 555555

  11. wow. ye eun and sun ye didnt wear their so hot outfits here..
    and sun ye cried..i wanna hug her.. ><
    and the girl mc lost her line.. he he.

  12. YAY! They got no. 1!! and i can’t believe they got it on their first comeback performance ^^ it shows how good they are
    I must say that this performance was much better than the past two which means they are improving^^
    Good to see them in new clothes^^
    Sun Ye crying, i think she was shocked

  13. THEY WON ON THEIR 1ST COMEBACK PERF?? That’s amazing o.0 CONGRATS WG!! and they wear new clothes!!

    AWW sunye cried!! T.T She must’ve been shocked.

  14. OHMONA.. thanks!!
    i wasnt able to watch. the streaming link is somehow not working for me.

    thanks!!! XD

  15. lol. i just watched the clips. i cried when sun ye started crying. awwww. im soo happy. haha. i just realized that i just missed it. awww. im happy for the girls and apparently. i really love sun ye!

  16. awww. i didn’t get to watch it coz i didn’t know. and i was still awake at that time! if i only knew…

    congratz to WG! i’m so happy for them.

  17. ohh man i didnt get to watch. i was too tired.

    but i am soo happy for them! rock on girls! yay! ^^

  18. WOW?!?! Already running for number 1? That’s pretty insane. Good job Wonder girls! They look so cute in the waiting room.

  19. WAHHHHHH!!!
    They just performed right? And still got no1!!!!!
    I hope they break the Tell Me record XDDDD

  20. yeah! they beat the Tell Me record! hahah! being no.1 just right after their comeback perf! hahahaha! soooo cool!!!! and yeah i kept on refreshing this blog too! hahahah so it felt like i was also watching! hahaha

  21. coolsmurf!! thanks for keep us tune in on all the events! haha.. i can’t afford to watch the entire music bank show (damn finals..gotta study), but it’s like im watching it live by keep “refreshing” your blog.. XD haha.. thanks again! 😀
    OMO!! WonderGirls got #1??!??!
    YAY!!!!!! that’s hecka fast!!! so happy~!

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