Sun Mi Moves 360° While Sleeping?

Sun Mi of the Wonder Girls was voted as the one with the weirdest sleeping habits recently and this caught the attention of fans when it was revealed.

In a recording of KBS “Star Golden Bell” earlier this week, the Wonder Girls pointed out Sun Mi as the one who has the weirdest sleeping habits.

So Hee expressed (roommates with Sun Mi), “Sun Mi likes to move her toes while sleeping and also move her body 360°”, her words shocking Sun Mi and she was unable to react to defend herself as Sun Ye also chipped in, “Sun Mi might be sleeping but she is also moving at the same time. She will be in another corner of the room before you know it.”, as everyone started laughing.

On another hand, Ye Eun was voted as the member who doesn’t like to wash up with Sun Mi exclaiming, “Unnie (Ye Eun) might still be sweating but she will still go to sleep like this without washing up.”

But Ye Eun quickly defended herself by saying: “I had just gotten my hair dyed, and I wasn’t supposed to wash my hair for two days.”

Ye Eun’s excuse quickly backfired, when another member, Sun Ye, revealed that “We once had a very late night practice, the next day Ye Eun woke up late, and instead of washing up for school, she just put on her school uniform and left.”

When asked to comment about that, the 19-year-old said that at that time she was a senior, and although she did wash her hair often, it would be an academic “jinx” if she did wash up

This episode will be shown tomorrow at 5.20pm (KST). For KBS World viewers, it will air two week later on 18th June at 6.00pm (SGT) with english subs.

credit: allkpop for Ye Eun portion


20 thoughts on “Sun Mi Moves 360° While Sleeping?

  1. haha..our 4-D 360-D girl..sun mi is so cute.

    she doesn’t even know it..i guess Unnies and so hee

    observe how sun mi sleeps.^^

    sun mi <33

  2. hahha from the 360 degres bwing and now in sleep! haha athis gal is so weird but so adorbale! haha im lovin he rmore hahah so funny ^_^ i understand ye eun hahah! no need to be harsh on her….

  3. i dunno whether its right to call ye eun “dirty”… in regards to the room, it should be a “messy” room…. and in regards to the showering, maybe she knows that she doesn’t have extra time to do so or is just waaay too exhausted that she just really wants to sleep… at least she got to school on time instead of being late. her priorities are just ordered differently.

  4. Lol, I also move around in my sleep. Sometimes I’ll wake up with my feet under my pillow and my arms will be dangling off the edge of the foot end.

  5. haha! the alien is still 4D in her sleep! hahahaha! cuuute! and it seems like ye eun, despite the fact that she’s the smartest, she’s also the dirtiest. i remember on her manwon happiness episode, sunye, sunmi, and sohee were all afraid of showing ye eun and yoobin’s room. XD

  6. coolsmurf! i think allkpop rip this translation!
    it’s bad to make a salad out of somebody else’s vegetables ain’t it?

  7. LMAO!!! isn’t one of her nicknames along with 4d, also 360?? LMAO!!!!this girl is too adorable…the toe thing is just loooool

  8. lmfao… great, move 360… lol, like 360 as in… turn around… along the y axis, z axis or x axis? ahaha

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