Wonder Girls rules the music charts again with So Hot

After “Tell Me” mania last year, Wonder Girls has continued their dominance this year with “So Hot” climbing to the top of various music charts in Korea.

Wonder Girls became really famous after “Tell Me” last year and their new single “So Hot” hasn’t disappoint either as it dominated charts once more. As of 4th June noon, the song “So Hot” was number 1 on melon, dosirak, jukeon, muz, cyworld, m-net, etc music charts with album sales rising as we speak. Their achievement comes only after two weeks when it was first released.

Wonder Girls expressed

We really can’t believe that it would generate such a huge reaction. We really want to thank our fans for waiting for us for such a long time. We will continue to do the best we can.

Wonder Girls “So Hot” mini album was produced by Park Jin Young and everything from the music, costumes, dance chereography was infused with the best elements possible. Fan left favourable comments on the various music websites, “The song is really great and becomes more and more addictive as you listen more to it”, “Really different from other girl groups, they possess a unique beat and charm that only Wonder Girls have”, “This is not a continuation of Tell Me but an album that makes the Wonder Girls stand out even more”.

Another song from the mini album, ballad “This Time” has also been steadily moving up the charts, showing it’s potential to be a chart topper.


15 thoughts on “Wonder Girls rules the music charts again with So Hot

  1. WOOHOO!! YEAAAHH! Go beat “One More Time”! Jewelry was dominating in their absence. I hope Jewelry and Wonder Girls have a battle or something. They’re so different yet so much alike!

  2. YAAY!!!! this made my day…WONDER GIRLS go claim your title back!!! i’m sooo happy…lol

  3. yay! Wonder Girls!! I wanna get a copy!! And also The Wonder Years!! ♥ i wanna go to korea!! 🙂

  4. Holy crap, these ranks are amazing! Congratulations, Wonder Girls! Continue to dominate those charts! >:D

  5. when i hard this for the 1st time i knew right away that this will be a hit! WG will be on TOP once again! i man seriously this is REALLY addictive & catchy than Tell Me!! I need to listen to Tell Me for a couple of times before Really being INTO the song but So hot didnt! hahaha i just listen to it once and im hooked already! JYP is really a genius!

  6. congrats to the girls i knew they could have another #1 hit.
    prepare for another wonder girls syndrom!

    go wonder girls so hot!

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