Wonder Girls OK! Magazine Thailand Edition Photoshoot (14P)

Behind the scenes photos of the Wonder Girls involved in a photoshoot and interview for OK! Magazine Thailand Issue 70 during their May promotional trip.

credit: as tagged


18 thoughts on “Wonder Girls OK! Magazine Thailand Edition Photoshoot (14P)

  1. Uhhh ~*~
    They r look so ordinary…If I saw them on the street without their make up,I might not notice them.
    I believe that there r a thousand thousands Korean girls out there that look much prettier than them if they have a chance to be dressed up and made up like them

  2. Ye Eun looks so pretty.
    Sun Mi & Yoobin looks so cute so is Sunye.
    i really love the 1st & 7th pic YeMi moments!

  3. i spot love triangles and squares!!! hehe..
    i never thought i would say this but bring back the ‘tell me’ look–at least for Yeeun and Sunye cuz they look amazing here! X) Yeeun especially, looks really young here! i am loving it! 😀
    @ hectev2000, i don’t think it’s the same laptop cuz the one in NY was a Samsung one.. and the one shown here is a Mac w/ a green cover protector. XD

  4. Aw! they all look so cute! ye eun looks sooo adorable on the computer. i also like the yoobin and sunmi picture. i haven’t seen that couple together! sun ye’s last picture looks great, too, and sohee looks cute as always when she was making that poofy face! ^.^ they’re wearing their “tell me” clothes, too! first time i’ve seen them without leopard prints in awhile.

  5. whoa sunmi looks like she got taller

    anyways very cute yoomi couple^^
    though i kinda prefer sunbin lol~

    and sunye’s just oh-so-adorable in the last pic,so candid hahah ;D

  6. ah ok ~ I see that these are the pics only which are showing the photoshoot ~
    I love ye eun here ~
    I like her old hair more than her new :3

  7. when I buy this magazine …is there that red sign on these pics too?
    or are THESE one the pics which are inside ? or does these pics only show the shooting of the pics which will be inside XD?

    haha I think I ask too much ~ but I guess cause its wonder girls, its worth to buy it :d

    thanx for sharing ❤

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