Wonder Girls MP3 – INNO WO 1GB Details

Wonder Girls INNO WO MP3 PLAYER (1GB) is now available for sale through 10×10 online shopping portal (Korean only) for just 59,800 KRW (approx 59USD) which is pretty expensive for a MP3 player. But all four songs from their “So Hot” mini album are included inside the MP3 Player.

The MP3 Player was designed by the Wonder Girls in collaboration with Inno designers and it looks pretty nifty and chic. Sun Ye expressed, “Since it was a new type of work to us, we all enjoyed the experience and it was an exciting work to all of us. Even though the design might look amateurish, it’s a very rare design and a valuable Wonder Girls collectible.”

The following are pictures of the MP3 Player, the specifications, packinging, etc. Frankly, it’s not really tempting to buy this because sure the Wonder Girls designed it but their faces are not on it. Plus 1GB is really pathetic in terms of today’s technology. Purely a gimmick and really for hardcore fans only.


9 thoughts on “Wonder Girls MP3 – INNO WO 1GB Details

  1. 1GB is not enough for me..lol but i really want it.it’s cute and a WG collectable item..^^

  2. well if they made it like 20 gb the price would be too expensive since the mp3 player is marketed as a novelty/promotion item. 1gb is alright though, considering there’s no LCD screen you wouldn’t want too many songs anyways because it would be a pain to find the song you want to hear.

  3. hey, thanks for all the info and the constant updates. I really love how you are a fan but are not afraid to tell it like it is 🙂 Love the site!

  4. It’s a cute design I guess, (black and gray one is cuter) but not really worth it. Is Inno even a good company? According to the Sohee ad, if that’s how the mp3 player is packaged, it looks kinda cheesy. Rainbow colours?

  5. i want one.. ><
    1gb? not bad..but wah…. 1gb only?
    and for Korea?
    its really cute.
    thanks ofr the details.

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