Wonder Girls Interview Pictures for Yonhap News 080603 (13P)

The Wonder Girls were involved with interviews and photoshoots with Ilgan Sports, Sports Donga and Yonhap News today. Well, the photoshoot with Yonhap News has been published. The Wonder Girls look uber sexy chic cute.

Their V-line poses.


26 thoughts on “Wonder Girls Interview Pictures for Yonhap News 080603 (13P)

  1. honestly, imo yeeun has the prettiest face among the girls in these pics!

    she really does have a gorgeous face..which is why i dont understand why she’s so underrated..

  2. Aww I thought Sunye’s facial expressions were so cute<3! Not so much the outfit XD.
    Sunmi was so adorable with her “I’m so pretty~” pose XD.

  3. ❤ smexy binnie & her 80s hair~!!!
    reckon she’s got the nicest outfit outta everyone else with no color-clashing or whatever.

    ditto on sunye’s eww-ish overalls though. 😦

  4. yoobin looking fine as usual :]
    sohee’s outfit=favorite
    sunmi’s legs are such chopsticks! lol. she’s cute.
    others, not so much this time.

  5. aah they look all pretty here, esp so hee
    how tall are they? i mean sun mi and ye eun?
    that jump overall is ugly, thank god sun ye is pretty
    do these pic come with interviews? i wanna read it…
    thanx for posting this lovely sets

  6. Sohee looks sick! the stylists should really give her a darker lip gloss color.. -_-;; im not really into the whole shimmering light pink stuff..

  7. I love Sun-min long slim leg
    Yoobin’s leg is very very sexy
    Ye-eun looks fabulous
    Sun-mi love her hair

  8. I really don’t understand why Sunye has to wear such a ridiculous outfit… Shouldn’t she, as the leader, be looking the best? “I’m so cool!”… not with that thing on…
    But yea, the pictures are so cute ^_^. I mean, so hot!

  9. flower dance ! haah .
    sun ye look so short . waht is she wearing ?! X___X

    aww they made sun mi’s lil ‘ i’m so cool ‘ hand motion stick out . yay . love that move . its more like ‘ i’m so cute ‘ haha

  10. i think yoobin got skinner then before.
    i mean like yeah before she was skinny
    now she looks skinnier. i love her hair =]
    and i think sun ye really did cut her hair it
    looks a little diff. from the wig. but she looks

  11. yoobin’s legs are woah. i envy her.
    so pretty. i really wish sun ye will cute her hair short.. thanks for the photos.

  12. Oh no, Sun Ye’s wearing those carpeter pants again. Besides that, everyone looks good. I never realized how “poof”ed Yoobin’s hair is at the end. It’s not really as sleek as everyone else’s hair.

  13. looool
    that jumpsuit is too big on her….but she looks great with that hair… v-line and go soo young…

  14. did sunye really cut her hair now? because her hair looks real and not like a wig .__.
    isn’t sunye’s hair dyed that exact colour?
    she does looks good with short hair but i hope she’d still keep her long hair~

  15. sun ye’s bob actually looks really nice here, it looked bit weird when it was black n when its brown it looks v.nice but that strapped pants is just not good :/ , it needs to be short like So hee’s, shes like the odd one out here.

    aah yoobin still looks sexy(sexy legs), her black hair looks classy n bit vintage like and the orange lipstick is just <3.

    i like soo hee’s pink leopard prints.

    i need to buy leopard prints.

  16. my yoobin’s legs! wow!
    she must’ve hit the gym!
    she lost weight and now a meaty smexy thighs!

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