Wonder day 08 1/2 Calendar Details

The Wonder day 08 1/2 calendar, 7 pages from June to December 08 is now available for sale through 10×10 online shopping portal (Korean only) for 12,000 KRW (approx 12USD) which is pretty expensive.

The following are preview shots of the calendar where only 5000 pieces has been released. Each member is on a page through five months while the other 2 months will have their group picture. About 4,796 copies remain with approx 200 sold only today which translates to poor sales really.


16 thoughts on “Wonder day 08 1/2 Calendar Details

  1. yea mine just came in the mail today 😀 my dad spoils me too much. it’s really nice and the girls look so beautiful! definitely worth the price!

  2. GMM Inter is actually taking orders from Thai fans and I think they’ll be selling other merchandises too (such as pen, …)

  3. @Michelle : I guess only korean people can buy it

    if you want to buy something on 10×10 (or other korean pages) you have to register (I think) and then you must type in a korean home adresse ~
    without a korean postal code you cant buy it overseas :/

    ~ its not often easy for people overseas to get something from korea :/

  4. ohh,, hmmm how can i order one??
    do i have to pay through Credit Card?
    and i can’t read the korean on the website…

  5. oh I wonder if it is small like their last calendar ~
    erm -that one from Onse telecom 1677 ~
    with all these phone pics ~

    I think this one was too expensive for me cause its so small
    but it was only avaiable 5000 times too (but on a winning game)

    if its so small then I think 12 dollar is really a bit high price :/

  6. I think 12 dollar is normal in other countries but in korea is a bit high price ~
    I try to get it even I dont live in korea ~
    I think its worth the money at all :]

    thanx for sharing these pictures ~ now I can see how it looks ~
    it could be better at all ~only pics of US time :/
    but whatever -its about wonder girls so it is great at all ^,^

  7. i think its a good price for a calendar…
    because celebrity merchandise are usually more expensive…
    and the pics look nice, reminds you of the fun times during mtv3… all the korean boys will buy it for sure…lol

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