Sun Ye and Park Tae Hwan dating? Hahaha

“I’m also very close with Park Tae Hwan so why does only Sun Ye have a scandal with him? Their scandal saying isn’t true at all.”

That was Ye Eun standing up for her leader, Sun Ye who has been reported to be dating Korean swimmer Park Tae Hwan on two separate occasions, with the most recent one happening on 22nd May. Ye Eun in particular showed her disappointment, “Why doesn’t he have a scandal with me?”

Ye Eun continued, “Actually in Wonder Girls, It’s not just Sun Ye whom Park Tae Hwan is close with. Me and Sun Mi actually go to the same church as him and even have meals with him sometimes. So seeing how only Sun Ye has a scandal with him makes me and Sun Mi feel like we are really invisible or something.”

Wonder Girls reiterated that actually Park Tae Hwan are very close with all of them, especially with Sun Ye, Sun Mi and Ye Eun since they go to the same church. They have great rapport and often have meals together.

Sun Ye and Park Tae Hwan had met through MBC “Manwon Happiness” with the latter helping Sun Ye in her challenge. Before that program, they weren’t that close even though they go to the same church. But through the PD of that program, they got to know each other and the rest is history.

Sun Ye clarified her stand

Although I will not become unhappy over being involved in a scandal with world class sports star Park Tae Hwan who is loved by many in Korea, but this (scandal) is not true at all.

Netizens had pointed out evidence of them dating when the words “So Hot” had first appeared on Park Tae Hwan’s Cyworld on 18th May, a good four days before the song was released to the public on 22nd May.

Sun Ye explained

We meet up very often, so we will chat about our developments and also about our new album as well and that’s how he got to know the name of the song.

So there you have it, the official word is they are best of friends. But the way Sun Ye puts it, it’s like there’s more than meets the eye.


34 thoughts on “Sun Ye and Park Tae Hwan dating? Hahaha

  1. I think it’s a cover up… and I guess ye’eun was always jealous of Sunye.. tehe, she should be, SUNYE UNNI FIGHTING!!! Although, I really like tae hwannie, so I believe that they are indeed dating.. tehe…Yeeun pisses me off sometimes… and also, why should a christian feel really bad for lying? We’re people too, and our religion’a not exactly like that.

  2. this is why i love Yeeun.. she’s bold, sticks to what she believes in, and is someone who isn’t afraid to speak her mind. ❤

  3. i don’t think she will ever lie. since she is christian….right?
    i mean, if she does, she’ll feel so bad inside.

  4. haha ye eun is sooo smart and funny! this is why i love her. cover up or not that was very smart of her 😀

  5. @vertigo,

    Cool! Thanks! I owe you one!

    Oh, the denial part: Ye Eun and I are not “totally dating”. We are both still allowed to see other people. ^_^

  6. @20.


    dude that breaks my heart…damn you TH009!!!!
    lol, good enough??? haha

    i too think theres is more between them, but for now i don’t think they are all …and i’m delighted about it…lol

  7. lol@ye eun’s answer,super funny XD

    nah that park taehwan better not be breakin up our happy SUNBIN couple,aight.


  8. I would like to deny the rumors about me and Ye Eun.

    Could someone please start some rumors about me and Ye Eun? ^_^

  9. HAHAHAHAH!!! Ye Eun wants a scandal…too cute
    well we knew that nothing was going on between them…

  10. oh! may i just add,
    if you’ll watch that manwon episode again when Tae Hwan is about to say a few words for Sunye,
    Hyun Ah and Sunmi are giggling at the side,
    you know, their acting like they’re teasing them.
    it was very obvious, i just do not know if it is one sided or what.
    maybe Tae Hwan likes Sunye and Sunye isn’t ready for a relationship at the moment but neither she saying she doesn’t like Tae Hwan.
    or maybe it’s what we call a MUTUAL UNDERSTANDING,
    like they are more than friends but not yet boyfriend-girlfriend.
    ugh! my head aches!
    but if my sense tell me right, this two is not just mere friends.
    she deserve all the love in the world! << hey! that’s a song! lolz!

  11. i love how ye eun answered.
    i believe them. they cant use Church as an excuse.
    that would be very un-Church like.

  12. hahaha!!! i do find it funny!
    poor sunmi and yeun indeed! lolz!
    so the alien is a christian too!!
    sunye, ye eun, yoobin and sunmi!
    all that’s left is mando soohee!
    but i believe she is a christian too!
    lovely and super blessed wondergirls!

  13. ye eun is always funny and smart. ^^
    yeah. why she didn’t have a scandal!? that’s unfair for her. hahaha. good job ye eun!

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