Ahjumma hampers Wonder Girls scheudule

Recently, there has been this over 40 years old ahjumma who has been blocking the vehicle that the Wonder Girls use to travel for performances. Their manager expressed, “It’s harsh to label her as a stalker but her frequent appearances does indeed hamper the Wonder Girls schedule.”

This middle-aged woman has been frequently obstructing the Wonder Girls schedule since six months ago. The reason for this is believed to have arisen from a parking skirmish between her and their vehicle at their Chungdam-dong dorm carpark. The most severe time was when that middle-aged woman threw her whole body against the vehicle, preventing it from moving off and resulting in the Wonder Girls being late for their performance for over a hour.

This was a pretty random news.


16 thoughts on “Ahjumma hampers Wonder Girls scheudule

  1. Hahahaahh holy crap. Like seriously.. a 40-something year old?! And yeah… HOW HEAVY WAS SHE?! What kinds of damage to the van?! WTF hahahahaah

    Each of the Wonder Girls need to place a restraining order against this ajumma. xD

  2. LOL thats so weird she should be put in a mental hospital or something. Crazy Ajumma. I can’t imagine a 40 something year old crazy lady slamming her body against a car. I wanna see the Wonder girls face when that happened

  3. crazy ahjumma’s gotta be an elephant of some sort to prevent WG’s van from leavin for an HOUR with her body weight… O_O

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  5. Haha… that lady is crazy. Making them late for their schedules is way overboard, and yes, this was very random…

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