Wonder Girls to launch “Wonder Day” pictorial and merchandise

Following their comeback recently with their “So Hot” mini album, the Wonder Girls are set to follow that up by releasing useful for daily usage merchandise for sale on Korean online shopping portals soon.

After announcing the birth of Wonder Girls Mp3 Players in collaboration with Korean company, Inno last Sunday, JYP Entertainment has followed that up today with news of the “Wonder Day” pictorial book, capturing the daily lifestyles of girls in the 10s age bracket with Wonder Girls as the targets.

The daily lifestyles of the Wonder Girls will also be reflected through personally designed calendars, pens, badges to be released in three stages throughout June while photo diaries entries will be included inside the pictorial. Wonder Girls in New York photos will be made into a calendar and sold in limited copies. According to JYP Entertainment, they hope to reveal the Wonder Girls lifestyle through these merchandises for fans to collect and also for use in their daily life.

Wonder Girls expressed

We are happy to have items to sell about our daily life. I hope our teenage fans would love the products.

Wonder Girls who are attracting attention once again with their “So Hot” dance track will launch their “Wonder Day” pictorial starting 3rd June in Korea. At the point of writing this article, it’s not possible for overseas Wonderfuls (unless you’re in Korea) to get the book as Yesasia.com hasn’t listed it yet.

credit to Lazenca for translation


8 thoughts on “Wonder Girls to launch “Wonder Day” pictorial and merchandise

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  2. a high quality pictorial calender or even photo book would be nice… but then anything else, im not that interested.

  3. JYP is a money maker genius!
    merchandising is the best way to generate money!
    it did wonders to yoon sama and the olsen twins!
    maybe he wanna do the same,
    not bad!

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