Wonder Girls filming for Star Golden Bell 080602 (11P)

Pictures of the all five Wonder Girls filming for KBS “Star Golden Bell” on 2nd June. The folllowing shows the girls being involved in a game where Sun Ye is a waitress or something. I am just glad Sun Ye hasn’t cropped her long hair.

Miso Couple Bonus Picture

Credits: 뿌우@byulha, 하우스@wonderholic, kris@soompi


32 thoughts on “Wonder Girls filming for Star Golden Bell 080602 (11P)

  1. yoobin looks so pretty in the background, and our miso couple seems to be enjoying each other in the background, too! haha! cuuute! i don’t know, but i feel like yoobin looks like one of the school’s bullies or gangstah girls in high school. hahaha!

  2. Oh wow, it’s the one with the Super Junior members! I was planning to watch it anyway, so this is good.

  3. ahh i want to watch this been waiting when they’ll make a guest here!

    i like sunye better with short hair! 🙂

  4. i actually really really really like sunye’s wig. i think it would’ve been quite daring if she had actually cut her hair like that XD

    can’t wait to see this episode!

  5. i actually dont like sunye’s wig either.. ;-; but it wasnt’ as ugly as yoobin’s “hyunah” style

    aww they look like theyr’e having so much fun here, esp sohee! i really like sohee with this hair style, much better than one huge tight pony tail

  6. 😀 Yoobin sticks out with her natural black hair 😀 everyone else has redish brown hair 😀 Sunye looks mighty good 😀 I really wanna see this xDD

  7. 안소희!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!아랍유!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!OMG Wondergirls are every where now, after they released their album

  8. lol sohee looks like shes text messaging in the last photos
    and if sunye was my waitress she’d get extra tips ^^

  9. i cant wait for this!
    now that sunye is showing her forehead… she looks a whole lot more like the little sunye who auditioned for jyp.

    and yoobin is getting skinnier… her thighs are almost as tiny as sunmi’s now @_@

  10. when will this air i need to know…. please someone reply!!! cause im dying to watch this lol!!! go wonder girls!! lol i see su ju in the backround they seem happy!

  11. awww I actually thought she looked so pretty with the short hair. I’m disappointed. It made her look glamorous. Oh well she is still pretty anyways.

  12. lol i can’t recognize suju members, but our girls look ecstatic…
    lol at miso having sooo much fun

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