Unseen Wonder Girls 1677 Pictures (5P)

Taken at their last photoshoot for 1677 service and not seen before I think.


18 thoughts on “Unseen Wonder Girls 1677 Pictures (5P)

  1. sun mi so cute and pretty..yoo bin looks so skinny..!!sun ye adorable.. ye eun..okey!!..so hee..cute too…

  2. no offense. please don’t kill me, but ye eun looks like an ahjumma to me. O.O however, sun mi is soooo cute. i love how she’s like a snow fairy or something.

  3. iiyyyy yoobin’s long hair *_____*
    and sun ye’s old hair .
    really miss those . lol ❤

  4. theyre all so skinny n pretty, soo jealous haha :p but theyre soo lovely.

    im a girl and i think yoobin is soo sexy.

    i love so hee’s skirt, its soo pretty + shes gott cute smile =)

    sunmi’s pic really fits her, shes angelic

    ye eun looks cute aswell, with her hat =) she looks cute with dark hair n sexy with her new hair.

    sun ye, i agree with k, shes gotta class and im liking the cute bow tie 😉

    overall im liking these pics =)

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