Wonder Girls Manwon Song English Hardsubbed

Was browsing through my Wonder Girls files last night and chanced upon this. I wonder why not and here you have it, english subbed Wonder Girls Manwon song. Very cute song with lyrics composition by our leader Min Sun Ye. *Claps*

Download (4shared)
password: manwon


24 thoughts on “Wonder Girls Manwon Song English Hardsubbed

  1. this s0ng is so0 cute!(of c0urse! Leader Min comp0sed it..haha) i th0ught 0nLy yo0bin and hyun ah were the 0nLy 0ne wh0 can rap am0ng them.. but they’re aLL go0d at rapping..! Sunye and S0hee’s rapping were the cutest!!!haha..l0ve them..!

  2. sun ye is soo cute without make up =)

    cherrie have u even read what i have written? or are you that retarded?
    i love wondergirls ( im no hater, cross my heart:p +i didnt say i hate hyuna i only said im not really digging her) , n hyuna aint one of the wondergirls anymore so get over it. im not trying to mess up anything, its you who keeps arguing first. ahh well, small brains.

  3. Man…What’s with all the criticism towards Baby?! I thought her comment was like total bashing but it’s not…Calm down people…

  4. Wow.. One of the better Manwon songs I’ve heard so far!
    Great.. Love the ending!

  5. baby-tsk tsk! are you sure you are wg’s fan?..then go ahead with the bashing.i’m pitying you..tsk tsk

    Mei!- soompi is a __ lately.probably this ‘baby’ is trying to mess up this place..

  6. @baby- are u calling yourself as wondergirls fan?.tsk tsk.just go ahead with your bashing then.pity you..tsk

    @Me!-i agree.soompi is been a ___ for awhile..lol

  7. leave hyun ah alone..she didnt even do anything wrong to you
    makes me kinda suspect this ‘baby’ person is just some haters trying to mess up this wonderful blog by posting hate msg *sigh*

    anywayz..is it just me or soompi is being crazy again? i cant log-in!

  8. aw it was nice! thanks for subbing ^^

    and stop hating on hyun ah! all my girls are ahmazing :]

  9. LOL at cherrie. who cares uf she was a founding member,thats all in the past, shes not part of wonder girls now and now wondergirls are better than ever without hyuna.
    i think im allowed to have my own say about hyuna and im not wrong., she sucks butt.

  10. @baby-you should watch what you are saying. what’s all

    the bashing all about?.. no matter what hyuna used to be

    part of it and was one of founding member. either yoobin or

    hyuna did great so i’m not complaning.A wonderful bashing

    a wonder girl..geez! grow up!

  11. aww, with the random hyun ah bash?
    neways, they are too cute witht his song…
    sun mi’s raps are always love

  12. yee im soo glad yoo bin replaced huyn ah or whatever.

    im not really digging her, shes nowhere pretty or good as yoo bin.

    love wondergirls ❤

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