Wonder Girls criticised for their lacklustre comeback

Wonder Girls finally made their comeback last Saturday on “Show! Music Core”, performing two songs from their mini-album, “So Hot” and “This Time”.

All members were decked out in bratty princesses image concept and got the fans really excited with their new V-Line dance as the Wonderfuls cheered loudly at their every moves. But it was not all positives for the Wonder Girls on their comeback with some commenting that their performance had detoriated compared to “Tell Me”. They hope that the Wonder Girls will not neglect on improving their vocal techniques while perfecting their dance moves.

The Wonder Girls had already come in for criticism for their vocals last year when they performed “Tell Me”. But Park Jin Young had argued that it was he who told them to sing that way and their vocals wasn’t anything like that. Almost one year down the road, surely Park Jin Young can’t be using the same reason?

But it isn’t an easy task to perform singing and dancing an uptempo song at the same time. What’s more, all of them are still schooling and it must be stressful juggling studies with performing. Their Inkigayo performance was noticeably better but it must be noted that their much anticipated and hyped comeback on Music Core was less than ideal. They must really improve and be consistent.


30 thoughts on “Wonder Girls criticised for their lacklustre comeback

  1. this topic is really famous @soompi reading harsh comments that makes me feel very sad.. i hope they improve..

  2. I think So Hee just gets really nervous on stage, because her voice in the recorded song sounds just adorable, far better than on stage. She does have talent, but she doesn’t fully use it. I don’t think people should be criticizing her…
    Anyway, considering how busy they’ve been and how long it’s been since they last performed, I give their performances 2 thumbs up. They put a lot of effort into dancing while singing, which I would never be able to do, so yay for Wonder Girls!
    I hope the number of their fans doesn’t decrease just because of this…

  3. I know just a little bit about singing, it’s not like I’m an expert or anything, but they are usually using their head voices when they sing. They aren’t singing from the gut like they are supposed to. This is why their voices are strained so often and they crack like they did. I think that Ye Eun doesn’t do it as often, but definitely Sun Mi, Sohee, and Ye Eun do it like that. I have a wide range myself, but I seriously cannot sing “Tell Me.” It hurts me to sing it on the notes that they do.

    Everyone keeps mentioning age for Sohee…but I think it’s more of a problem with technique. She could reach more notes without whining it if she used her gut voice. Also it explains why she’s so soft, because she can’t resonate as much.

  4. @first: Oh, come on. SNSD does sing live once they’ve enough practice with a song.

    You know, maybe SNSD could do a Special Stage with the Wonder Girls some day. It’d be interesting seeing them perform Irony or Tell Me or So Hot.

  5. Coolsmurf is just trying to be objective here. And I think this is a constructive criticism. As much as we love them, we want them still to improve, right? Even though some fans don’t care about this and still love them whatever they are.

    To me, Wonder Girls is unique as a group. One factor is because it consists of 2 high schoolers and 3 adults (or nearly). They have to be one as a group. But if they have to represent a certain image (ex: sexy in So Hot), it might not work well. This image might suit the Sun Ye, Ye Eun, and Yoo Bin. But to watch So Hee and Sun Mi acting sexy is still something strange for me. They are cute, and will still be for a couple of years maybe.

    On the other hand, making them look cute won’t always work either. Sure So Hee and Sun Mi will work it out, but wouldn’t be ackward to see someone as sexy as Yoo Bin at her age acting cute like So Hee?

    So, it’s no small work for JYP. Training them is vocal is for sure on the list. But giving them the right image is not less important. For this single, I think So Hot is right. And look at This Time, even though it’s a good song, So Hee doesn’t have a part maybe because the song’s image doesn’t suit her.

    Just my opinion…

  6. wawa*,
    It’s because the album is in low quality… and also, the song “The Time” is made to be more airy and open than how they recorded it. (the difference between the performance vs recording studio)

    This is also a downfall of the performance of “So Hot”… its because its TOO airy in a live performance, and its not closed in (up front) as the recording. And stuff seems really far away, which it shouldn’t.

    Tell Me (with rap): This is not a released version yet… considering that this is just a lower bitrate of the previous one that some user made or recorded. The beat is really splattered around.

    You’re Out: I haven’t heard a live perf or the cd recording, so I can’t say too much. But im guessing this is gonna be upfront song.

  7. So Hot is definitely not yet another Tell Me…but there’s loads of time for that to change…

    This Time, on the other hand, is just awesome! I can’t stop listening to it!

    Overall, a good start for wg. I just hope they don’t get discouraged by the criticisms!

  8. so hee really needs to work on her vocals but shes not bad, its hard to sing and dance at the same time so i think shes done pretty well. i cant wait until yoobin performs her rap live when her voice is better =D

  9. Okay, I just listened to the full single and I must say that I prefer the live version of This Time from Inkigayo because it sounds way better. My least favorite part from This Time is during SunYe’s part “….SARANGGGGG” is really weird.

    As for You’re Out, I don’t know what to say exactly….It’s pretty cool but weird at the same time Oo” The beats, rhythm or whatever reminds me a little bit of Tell Me.

  10. It’s probably the vocal technique they are using. If I recall correctly, during a Season 1 episode (during which SunMi cries during dinner they were in the studio practicing and JYP said to exert the same amount of delivery as effortlessly as if you were just speaking. How well this translates to live perfoming coupled with dancing we have been seeing. For more consistent delivery they should/if not already learn to sing from their diaphrams. As for SoHee, didn’t she auditon originally for JYPE as an actress and JYP said it would be better to become well know first in a group. So I wouldn’t expect her to be as developed as any othe others who have been singing for years. I don’t believe her ability to sustain a note has not matured as she still is very “breathy” But since I consider WG as a variety group more than a pure singing group, I don’t mind. You can’t fault her dancing skills any. eSoHee is like their lucky charm, the last to be picked on a sports team, but the one who makes the game winning hit/catch. I’ll always root for her/them.

  11. sohee just naturally has a soft voice, when she picks up the volume it puts a lot of stress on her voice so thats why she keeps cracking. i think they should consider bringing up the volume of sohee’s mic.

    and as for the dancing, i think it wasnt very well choreographed. there are parts (like the intro) which are just insanely rushed, then parts where there’s like one move and pause. the girls were definately thinking more “don’t screw up” rather “lets make this awesome”

    eitherway i personally don’t care 😛
    if i wanted to hear great singing i’d listen to seeya or davich, i just think they are a nice group of girls, thus imma fan.

  12. The best singers in the group are Sun Ye and Ye Eun. Sun Mi is also very consistent with her voice. Yoo Bin is a good rapper, but her singing voice is just so-so. So hee is the weak link for the group, and i feel that JYP needs to put personal efforts into training her vocal, b/c looking cute is sometimes not enough.

    i am pretty sure that jyp just came up with that excuse to covet the fact that they need improvement. if a person draws bad, and ppl know it’s obviously bad, the painter could just easily say it was purposely done so to convince otherwise.

    namie amuro is a great example of live dancing and singing. she shows that it really can be done, with proper training and techniques.

    WG did really well on their 2nd comeback though.

  13. lmfao, people need to watch the performance again… sohee cant sing and dance at the same time… which is quite saddening.

    I don’t know, theres just this thing about her voice that kills the performance.

  14. ermm…
    who would criticize their vocal after listening to “This time” ?
    I don’t know what people are talking about, but they showed the dancing and the vocals… Granted in 2 different songs, but its there… so I don’t know what your sources are basing their criticism on….

    So Hee needs to step it up, but their performances weren’t bad at all…

  15. Really, the only one who needs TONS of help is Sohee. the other girls are quite stable singers even while dancing. Giving Sohee that one line in the main chorus makes the group sound vocally lacking throughout the live perf since the chorus is sang repeatedly.

  16. well, it’s true. i think JYPE doesn’t have the BEST voice teachers or maybe, JYP himself, is the one training them.
    But nonetheless, I love Wonder Girls. It wont change even if they have those haters..

  17. personally i don’t think their comeback performance would be so horrible if sohee didn’t make such a blatant mistake. she really needs a LOT of work on singing so that she’d sound at the very least somewhat decent. she pulls the whole group down with her singing imo :X

    people have been saying she improved but i don’t really see it. if anything she just got worse.

    sohee is a whole lot better during the irony days imo. she actually sounded good then. i listened to their debut perf and compared it to the irony perf on 30th nov 07, she actually sounded a whole lot better in the debut perf.

    i dont know what happened to her but whatever it is, i hope she gets better. i don’t like reading comments people saying wonder girls can’t sing and all of that. seems like wonder girls is the most bashed girl group out there and i think that people think it’s ok to bash them but not other girl groups -__-

  18. 내가 한가지 못하는 말..

    i agree with u

    sun ye, sun mi, ye eun can all sing, but sometimes the song parts arent really divided up greatly
    yoobin can rap, but singing may not be up to par (well, im pretty sure a lot of rappers cant sing)

    sohee… on the other hand… needs work, no offense, but she is the weakest link, her voice is whiny, and uneven… somehow, i personally think that JYP might have chose a WRONG person

  19. As much as I support Wondergirls, they really need better vocal training.

    Sun Ye and Ye Eun have great voices, but don’t usually get to show it in these songs.
    Sun Mi is the most consistent and her voice sounds great in “So Hot.”
    Yoo Bin…Let’s hope she never sings… She should stick to rapping.
    So Hee…Ahh…She needs major work. She’s always breaking up and her voice is sooo weak. She’s definitely the weakest one…

    I was a tad bit disappointed because their singing just wasn’t strong. Like it was mentioned, JYP can’t use this excuse again…Get these girls some more training!!!

  20. umm..

    Last year, the first on-air reaction ( TELL ME, 070907 )
    similar to do now..

    I think everybody’s expectations are too high..


    I will see how advanced they are

    Let’s wait a little more

  21. I no expect anything . I want to watch WG come back
    stage just enough for me.

    I think WG maybe try or JYP test new something [I don’t know]
    or whatever.

    I want grow up together with WG.

    WG Fightingggggggggggggg

    [Sorry my Eng bad]

  22. i knew that this would happen! but i trust in WG i know that they can do better and they WILL! heheh do your best WG! we’re here to support you all!

    on a happy note: WG will be on Star Golden Bell so im hoping if you could sub it once it’s out hehe ^_^ im just hoping im not telling you to do it though hehe ^_^

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