Wonder Girls Designs Mp3 Players for Sale

JYP Entertainment announced today a collaboration between the Wonder Girls and famous designer Kim Young Shik where the earlier designed a mp3 player for digital brand, Inno. They decided on the Wonder Girls because they represent character which is close to their youthful girl concept.

The collaboration between Inno and JYP Entertainment was one where they sat down and discussed everything from concept to finalization. Although there were examples of fashion brands using celebrities names to sell their bags, shoes, that was based on just using their names. This was however a rare case where they actually sat down and offered their ideas to design the product.

The product is the first digital product under Wonder Girls Project which involved their participation and the support of Inno. The Mp3 Player will 100% reflect the unique design capabilities of the Wonder Girls and of collectible value.

Wonder Girls expressed, “This was our first time doing this so we were doing it happily. We were very excited to be able to do this. Although we were greenhorns, but this is a product that has Wonder Girls stamped all over it.”

Wonder Girls MP3 Player will be available for pre-orders starting from 3rd June through Inno, 10X10, GES SHOP, etc online shopping websites.


15 thoughts on “Wonder Girls Designs Mp3 Players for Sale

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  2. how come they dont actually look like mp3 players? lol
    if it’s the right spec/prices i might find myself picking up one of these in july 😀

  3. Ooooh! How much?! They look like a mix of an iPod Shuffle, YoYos, and candy. Honestly, they’re not the pretty, but just because Wonder Girls designed them, I want it. Oh, the power of the Wonder Girls!

  4. Oh a macaroon !!!! LOL ❤

    Will it be available in normal shop ? Or only on online shopping ? cuz I’ll be in Korea this summer so I might buy it haha

  5. “What Girls Wonder”
    haha.. that’s cute. 🙂
    i thought they were going to name the girls’ single with another “wonder” title, but i guess it’s not the case.. :/
    MP3 players? Hmm.. i dont think it’s such a good idea, especially with so much MP3 players out there and who doesn’t already have an Ipod these days? x_X;;

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