Wonder Girls Comeback Stage @ SBS Inkigayo 080601

Frankly, can we treat the Music Core comeback stage as being a non-event? Their SBS Inkigayo comeback stage was heaps better than yesterday’s performance. Their introduction which was filmed last Friday night was awesome and made their entry looked more elaborate as they started in the gift box as seen in the MV. They also wore different outfits (ok I got it wrong).

The fans support was superb, applaud applaud!!!

All of them nailed the song perfectly even So Hee was noticeably better for “So Hot”. You just got to see for yourselves what a big contrast it was. As for their ballad “This Time”, I’m not sure why, it just sounded better than yesterday although they didn’t sang the whole song again. Even the camera was spot-on this time, I can finally see what Ha Ji Won legs meant. Two things I didn’t like was the stupid cold air that kept gushing out at the bottom and of course Yoo Bin’s lip sync through no fault of hers. Now for Music Bank comeback.

Wonder Girls – So Hot Comeback Stage @ Inkigayo

Wonder Girls – This Time Comeback Stage @ Inkigayo

Download Interview | So Hot | This Time (FreeEgg)
HQ Version (courtesy of ahboo)


Cheer along with the Wonderfuls while watching the performance.

Korean Version
And WonderGirls
We’re Back
민선예 쏘! 핫! 박예은 쏘! 핫! 선미짱 쏘! 핫! 안소희 쏘! 핫! 김유빈 쏘! 핫!
사랑해요 원더걸스 매력만점 원더걸스 쏘! 핫! 대! 박!

Romanized Version
And Wonder Girls
We’re Back
Min Sun Ye So Hot! Park Ye Eun So Hot! Sun Mi Jjang So Hot!
Ahn So Hee So Hot! Kim Yoo Bin So Hot!
Sarang Haeyo Wonder Girls Mae Ryuk Man Jum Wonder Girls So Hot! Dae Bak!  

Translated Version
And Wonder Girls
We’re Back
Min Sun Ye So Hot! Park Ye Eun So Hot! Sun Mi Jjang So Hot!
Ahn So Hee So Hot! Kim Yoo Bin So Hot!
I love you Wonder Girls. 100% Charm Wonder Girls So Hot explode! 

Credit to xsimply juicy.


91 thoughts on “Wonder Girls Comeback Stage @ SBS Inkigayo 080601

  1. Ye Eun is the BOMB!!!!!

    haha I like the announcer in the beginning…


  2. ^TH009 you’re so right. Ye Eun’s live are AMAZING. She totally nailed it on sbs, and music core she did good too!

    Everyone else did MUCH better on sbs too, Yoobin definitely lipsynced a lot better. SunYe and Sunmi were really good too compared to music core, tho all 3 still need work.

    And our Sohee, i wasn’t expecting much so thats why I was i really impressed. Her vers wasn’t it wasn’t perfect but wow, its really good for her!

  3. @coolsmurf, cutegiurl

    I read about WG on both of your sites. I am in Korean on vacation and was wondering if you know their TV schedule. Thanks.

  4. I blame Music Core for their “Drunken Style” camera work, and for filming half the song from half a mile away.

    sync’ed up and played the audio from the MV and both live performances at the same time, and I *promise* you they are the same speed. Both Sun Mi and Sun Ye’s timing was a little off on the verse on Music Core, and So Hee had her problems. It’s amazing the difference 0.01 second makes, and amazing how consistent they usually are. Ye Eun is almost identical every time (full disclosure: she’s my favorite, so I’m biased!)

  5. Oooooooooooooooooooh Lol
    U changed your article
    Sorry I was just saying they had a different outfit
    thats all
    U R so funny ^_________^

  6. @vertigo
    I wouldn’t blame it all on Music Core. As much I hate to admit it, the performance was done BY the Wonder Girls, but we have to acknowledge that that was their first performance, which probably causes them being nervous. However, if I were to blame Music Core, it would be because of the set and their intro because Inkigayo’s was superb!

  7. OHMYGOSH! I agree. That was so much better than the performance yesterday! I love the intro. I love the gift box set on stage. I love Inkigayo’s cameraman. And their performance was just so much better! I felt like the song was faster, too? compared to yesterday’s that is. Their “This Time” performance was so much better, too. They weren’t as stiff as yesterday, and their vocals was so much better.

  8. I didn’t want to miss watching this like I did their Music Core performance, so I watched plenty of Korean television just in case the schedule would change again. I watched some random drama, then golf…., and then SBS Inkigayo, where I saw some people I’ve never even heard of before.
    And then the WG finally performed, and in my opinion it was way better than their first performance. I just hope that Yoo Bin will recover soon and that So Hee will be able to bring out her full potential. ^_^

  9. i love this perf!!! it’s soooo muchhh better than the music core! they are all on tune! hehehe and the camera angles are L♥♥♥♥♥♥veeeee hehe ^_^ o finally saw the legs of Ha Ji Won haha! and the audience was amazing too!!! ahhh

    i found a news article about WG on their perf but i cant understand it even when i googled it can you please translate it?

    원더걸스 ‘디스타임’ 라이브실력, 팬들 “립싱크라 착각할 뻔”

    “난 다신 사랑 따윈 하지 않을거라 그렇게 다짐했었던 적 있었죠”…. 원더걸스의 ‘디스 타임(this time)’의 한소절이다.

    지난달 31일 MBC ‘쇼! 음악중심’과 1일 SBS ‘인기가요’에서 원더걸스는 ‘소 핫(so hot)’과 ‘디스 타임(this time)’을 선보여 팬들을 단번에 사로잡았다.

    특히 많은 네티즌들은 ‘디스 타임(this time)’에 많은 관심을 보이고 있다. 원더걸스의 한층 성숙된 감성과 보이스가 돋보이기 때문이다.

    ‘소 핫(so hot)’은 뮤직비디오를 통해 익히 노래 분위기와 댄스를 알고 있었지만 ‘디스 타임(this time)’은 컴백무대를 통해 처음 접한 이들이 대부분이었다.

    ‘디스 타임(this time)’에 대해서 네티즌들은 “그동안 보지 못했던 원더걸스의 청순미와 순수미를 발견할 수 있는 무대였다”며 입을 모으며 감탄을 금치 못하고 있다.

    1일 ‘인기가요’의 무대를 본 네티즌들은 “립싱크로 착각할 뻔 했다. 너무 라이브를 잘하더라”라며 라이브실력에 칭찬을 아끼지 않았다.

    또한 “청순하고 순수한 매력에 깜짝 놀랐다”, “달콤한 발라드를 부르는 원더걸스에 사르르 녹아내렸다”, “국민여동생 원더걸스 역시 실망시키지 않았다”라며 격려를 아끼지 않고 있다.

  10. They outfit is totally different than yesterday’s music core performance

    Love the performance

  11. “Other than that, they wore the same outfits as yesterday.”

    *puzzled* Aren’t their outfits different than they were in the MBK comeback performance yesterday? I’m pretty sure they are. Or am I misunderstanding?

    Thanks for the uploads. 🙂

  12. i think the wonderfuls are wonderful themselves 😀
    they’re like the-BEST fans ever!
    and their cheers & screams are loud & clear! *sheesh
    i should learn a thing or two from them :X

  13. Oh noooooooooooooooo
    I can not believe it, my line fell just when he left Wonder Girls, I saw not .. I saw only a Mario u_u…:@

  14. huhu.i wasnt able to watch them cos the blog keeps buffering and Tvants isnt anywhere better too.><
    how do u guys watch it so smoothly,for me,the video stops and buffers at their intro and then after it came back on again,the perf is over!!

  15. From now on Music Core performance doesn’t exist!!
    This was soo much better!! So Hee did soooo well!! A+ to the crowd!!!

    I’m going crazy… Music Bank has always been kind to our girls so I hope they will get the same treatment as they did with Inkigayo…Music Core, do you hold a grudge or something?? the girls seemed every nervous to perform there, wonder why??

    gah.. i loved it

  16. I agree with everything you said. The fog thing was annoying. Lol. It came out constantly. Lol. It felt like watching the MV, but with a live audience! xD

  17. the wonderfuls practically sang the whole song with them .. they are soo cheerful n supportive of the gurlz ….

  18. omg. yay! i finally understand the gift box.
    they are Victoria Secret.. “So Hot” special edition.
    lol. seriously. smart JYP. cute yet sexy. ^^

    cough. Jewelry can rest now. they got lucky. its coz our WG wasnt around these past few months.cough.

    yep. Music Core didnt happen. lol

  19. did you guys notice how much the audience (fellow wonderfuls) were into SO HOT?

    they were so loud ! 😀 ❤

  20. @silvette.. yah.. i really have to agree with..

    i hold mah breath when so hee sang..

    and ooh thank God.. she did Good… i am so happy right now..

  21. omg they did SO WELL!!!!!!!!!! yesterday i was so blah about the performance until i watched it again.

    but tonight omg ! they killed it! it was amazing. i like it & i want to watch it agiainnnnnnnnnnn.~~~

    sohee did way better but she neeeeeds to step it up! cmon girl i know u can do better!!

    ye eun was amazing AS ALWAYS… but way better than music core.

    sunye .. dripping w/ charisma

    sunmi.. she’s so cute! & really good at singing

    yoobin – i hope she gets better soon. i miss her live voice.

  22. sohee did good (yay)… im commenting again …. all of them have more confidence in the song …. that performance was SO H-O-T !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. the performance is better than the music core one … love it … i wish they sang this time longer ….

  24. they were so much better 🙂

    i’m sure we all held our breath when sohee came on for the first time
    she did awesome tho<3

    sunmi is so cuuuuuute (:

    argh. sohee really has no part in This Time? T_T

  25. they rocked ittt! i am soo happy! its all the wait! goo WG!
    now im waiting for them to put a remix dance in the middle. ^^

    crap i forgot to cheer. i was soo excited!
    gooooo KWonderfuls. they sang the entire time! =)

    sooooo hooootttt!

  26. i just saw wonder girls get interviewed by dongwan n the girl mc … they all look pretty …

  27. @jenny, try opening this in ur tvants, tvants://list.tvants.com/tvants/?k=6380fa44a947010b

  28. guys…help!!!
    i really can’t find knn sbs in tvants???
    how will i install it?? i already download it but still can’t find the channels????pls..help me………??? anybody?? help!!

  29. Thank you, you’re always very good help. Although my signal is bad and is hahaha at dawn in my country, I am watching the program to see again Wonder Girls ^ ^ Thanks!

  30. im already watching it right now but it keeps on stopping!!!
    where can it without stopping..????

  31. KNN just had a commercial that said next up was news though… will it really be inkigayo?

  32. does is keep buffering for others/!?

    gahh tvants i dont get! the blog one just keeps buffering idk what to do!!!!

  33. omg. lol. i was getting worried that i missed it. but they pushed it back… hmm its cool more time for the girls to prepare. ^^ ty for the 411

  34. All the SBS channels I listed show Inkigayo, but they will be a bit different, like a few seconds behind, but essentially we all watch the same thing.

  35. @ coolsmurf:thanks =)
    there are more than one SBS channel(CBJ SBS/SBS CJB…),those channel also have Inkigayo,right?
    I see Lee Jun Ki in SBS CJB,,

  36. Uhmm, I don’t know where to go to watch the live show. I’m at the tvants website and im so confused about how to navigate it.

  37. @Jance, depending on ur timezone, it’s supposed to start @ 3:15pm in Korea. for me, it’s 2:15pm. but get in a bit earlier to allow for buffering.

    @Venelse, there’s more than one SBS channel, chose another one.

  38. Awww.. it’s the SBS2 channel right on TvAnts? I can’t log in… it says that I need license…

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