Wonder Girls Comeback Stage on Music Core + Inkigayo this weekend

The Wonder Girls will be having their highly anticipated comeback stages this weekend, MBC Music Core today and SBS Inkigayo on Sunday. Besides singing “So Hot”, they will also include a ballad song “This Time” into their performance which means you get to listen to them sing two songs.

MBC Music Core – 3.30pm (Korean Standard Time), 31st May, Saturday
SBS Inkigayo – 3:15pm (Korean Standard Time), 1st June, Sunday

You can view them via using TVAnts software or TVUPlayer or here.

Either MBC channel on TVAnts will do. choose the one that has the highest quality. audience number is secondary. For TVUPlayer, it’s Channel 92515 MBC (Korea). For SBS, it’s the same with TVAnts but no SBS on TVUPlayer.

Remember, Yoo Bin will be lip syncing because of her strained vocal chords so Wonderfuls, if anyone starts bashing, please tell them the real reason!!!


37 thoughts on “Wonder Girls Comeback Stage on Music Core + Inkigayo this weekend

  1. @ silvette
    YAH!! their lipsync to that 1388 song was LOLLLL! it was the thing that managed to calm me when when i was hurling vulgar remarks when this time got cut LOL!

  2. @ iLOVEsunmi

    yea it did change a tiny bit i was sad too when they came off it was just like they came on stage already lol and that song that they and Big Bang and some other artists did was so cute i was laughing when i saw it

    @ Teddy Yoo Bin

    did you watch it on TVAnts?

  3. OMG *screams* they were amazing…and their song this time love it and ye eun was the prettiest in my opinion i just wish is was in HD now jewelry is on don’t really care about them lol

  4. Wonder Girls just passed !!!!
    It was too fast !!
    Yubin lipsync indeed.

    The fans were really there HAHA

  5. i m watching it right now. the streaming is bad though but i was able to catch it. they sang live except for yoobin. i also like their ballad song.

  6. I’m watching TVU ! and I just calculate the time it’s going to be in 5 min so random LOL and just see the Music Core ad it’s NEXT haha

    OMG so much advert ! First time i’m watching LIVE lol

    Thanks Alvin !!!!

  7. for TVAnts you gotta go to search and type in the channel you want (MBC and SBS) and then there would be a list of channels for you and then click on the channel from the list that you want….at the bottom right you can click selected or you can click all and it would download somethings before it loads to the channel and then you will be able to see the channel….

  8. i cant wait either…but which mbc do you watch them on TVAnts cause theres a lot of them??? and SBS too…..everything when by so fast….first the song then music video….and now they gonna perform tomorrow

  9. i can’t wait to watch this too but i don’t know the settings of the TVAnts. CAn anyone help me out in this. Thanks

  10. Omg, I really can’t wait for their performance!
    I’m definitely gonna have to see this! XD
    So excited. ^_^

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