Wonder Girls Comeback Stage @ MBC Music Core 080531

Trying to be objective here, compared to their “Tell Me” comeback stage last year, their “So Hot” performance comes across as somewhat lacking.

The opening coming through a door was cool. Then as I watched, I was like wondering how come the beat sounds so much slower, maybe to compensate for the dancing and live singing. So Hee kind of cracked when she started and I felt they were taking a chance with her since she had a siginificant singing portion. The other sounded unconvincing, even Sun Ye had a off day I felt.

As for “This Time”, they sang less than half of the song so it’s hard to judge. For now, it doesn’t leave an impression on me yet. Their outfits were beautiful, all-white and the white roses concept. Funny to see WonderBang popping up at the end for some event. Hopefully Inkigayo would be better tomorrow.

Wonder Girls – So Hot Comeback Stage @ Music Core

Wonder Girls – This Time Comeback Stage @ Music Core

WonderBang, Solbi and Andy 1388 CF

Download So Hot | This Time | This Time Preview (FreeEgg)
HQ Version (courtesy of ahboo)


Cheer along with the Wonderfuls while watching the performance.

Korean Version
And WonderGirls
We’re Back
민선예 쏘! 핫! 박예은 쏘! 핫! 선미짱 쏘! 핫! 안소희 쏘! 핫! 김유빈 쏘! 핫!
사랑해요 원더걸스 매력만점 원더걸스 쏘! 핫! 대! 박!

Romanized Version
And Wonder Girls
We’re Back
Min Sun Ye So Hot! Park Ye Eun So Hot! Sun Mi Jjang So Hot!
Ahn So Hee So Hot! Kim Yoo Bin So Hot!
Sarang Haeyo Wonder Girls Mae Ryuk Man Jum Wonder Girls So Hot! Dae Bak!  

Translated Version
And Wonder Girls
We’re Back
Min Sun Ye So Hot! Park Ye Eun So Hot! Sun Mi Jjang So Hot!
Ahn So Hee So Hot! Kim Yoo Bin So Hot!
I love you Wonder Girls. 100% Charm Wonder Girls So Hot explode! 

Credit to xsimply juicy


51 thoughts on “Wonder Girls Comeback Stage @ MBC Music Core 080531

  1. Well I guess So Hee still doesn’t quite have the team’s confidence yet. On singing wise she is the weakest link. She is very young and I think her voice will change over the next few years.

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  3. @ Sleepy:

    So Hee really doesn’t have any part in This Time? I know So Hee can’t sing well, but that sucks man. It looks off for having her standing there and not singing at all…

    If it were like Wishing on a Star where they never had live perf, it’s ok cause So Hee didn’t have to stand on the stage. Hopefully she doesn’t get depressed…

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  5. @TSi, all links worked at time of writing, but I recommend the HQ version by ahboo. my links are only for immediate watching after the show, but you would want to keep it by having the HQ.

  6. LOL, sleepy, i agree with you… SoHee cant sing for beans… man… like wow.

    also coolsmurf, ur links dont seem to work =O

  7. I was extremely disappointed. I can even sing So Hot and dance the steps at the same time…. I’m not even Korean… o_O I think they could have done much better. YooBin was of course amazing in her rap, but of course its lipsynched. They all danced pretty well!

  8. ….I know people are saying that SoHee is getting better, but I think she’s actually gotten worse.

    But I felt so bad for her in “This Time” she didn’t sing at all! Like, she opened her mouth, but closed it again really dejected. T___T

    “So Hot” is a nice song, but it doesn’t quite have the energy that WG is known for.

  9. yeah, your so right.
    i felt really excited to see them back but during the performace something was really lacking.
    the tell me comeback was amazing!

    i hope the next one is better!
    but they did look good!

  10. A little disappointing yes, but the dancing was good. Yes PLEASE SHOOT THE CAMERA MAN.

    I would suggest them to use the “head set” mics, what ever they’re called. They have a lot of hand movements and they seem like they are uncomfortable with bringing the mic to their mouth on time. You lose a LOT of words (unless they practice more with it)… It should get better as they go on 😀

    Anyway, WONDER GIRLS!

  11. to Frisco:
    hmmmm,, Wonder Girls did way better in the Tell Me comeback compared to So Hot…
    i remember watching their first tell me comeback stage.. it was AMAZING! ( well,, it is true that their performances got kinda…worse … due to lacks of practices,, and members getting sick and stuff… )
    but this time… honestly .. i didnt really like it…
    they can really do better…
    The MV was much better…

  12. seriously….
    when i was watching the “so hot“ live.. i was really dissapointed…
    they didnt really make a very successful comeback stage…
    but the song “this time” was really goooooddd
    hmm anyway, i hope they will do better in tmr’s performance…

  13. I love how into it the fans are and how they create their own yells and chants really so cute how they do that.

    Also, I thought they preformed really well and did not seem like they were out of breath as they had been for “Tell Me,” performances, it seemed smooth for them to do it. Also from what I can hear of “This Time,” I really like the song too.

    I hope Yoo Bin gets better.

  14. Out of curiosity, I captured the live audio and the MV audio with Audacity and played them at the same time, and it’s exactly the same speed. The YouTube version’s audio is out of synch with the video, which makes it seem bad when it isn’t.

    The girls were a little off in the first verse & chorus, but dead on by the second verse.

    So hot!

  15. -im really loving the fans they’re so energetic singing with the girls.
    -i hate the cameraman!
    -so hee cracked, again.
    -i wanna hear yoobin rap live, get well soon kim yoobin.
    -i really love the dance and beat of the song, so addicting!
    -dont like what they are wearing i was expecting they would wear the clothes they wore at the mv i liked it more.

    still its wonder girls so its hot!

  16. i agree. i’m sad to say it, but WG’s comeback did not meet my expectations. the Wonderfuls were great though. they sang throughout the whole song. ^.^

    also, i agree with Anna: yoobin didn’t lipsync properly… although, i kindof guess that’s a good thing because it shows that she is not used to lipsyncing.

    sunye’s out fit also didn’t match. nor did i like ye eun’s outfit. but yoobin’s outfit was the best. i love her outfit. SMEXXYYY!

    i LOVE the WonderBand/AnBi action at the end!

    Oh and thanks so much, Alvin, for uploading the performances and putting the cheer in the beginning. i was already about to search for the cheer until i got here and found it. =D

  17. i totally agree with you…

    only ye eun sounded somewhat good, the rest weren’t that good and yoobin didnt even lipsync properly. ;-; but i agree the opening was cool… this time was also disappointing because ye eun didnt even get a good part… lets hope tmr will be better!

  18. all the girls lookeed so pretty in white!
    i hope yoobin gets better soon! ❤ i
    like all lights and disco balls for “so hot”

  19. So Hee didn’t sing in This Time? Or her part just wasn’t recorded?

    But in So Hot yeah…So Hee’s first part in the chorus was cracking. I guess fans already anticipated that haha…Everybody else sang ok I think. The song indeed doesn’t show their vocal fully, plus the bit is slower so it felt kinda less exciting. But still nice first perf.

    Thanks Coolsmurf ^_^

  20. Loved the performance. Could be better, but they could be nervous :~

    Love YooBin, and I’m so happy that she got a singing part in This Time 🙂

  21. I am not a fan of purple ~ this color kinda hurt my eyes so I hoped they won’t use their purple color from the music video on the stage (haha) but I failed ~

    oh but whatever -I love WG and any color is ok then…

    I think it could be better of course but its still good :d

    I think sun mi sung her parts a little mili-second too late and she and so hee werent good to hear ~
    ah but whatever ~ I love them and I hope they will perform this song often in the next time ^^

  22. camera man sucked -_-||
    and yes i think the song was slowed down
    pretty good preformance though 🙂

  23. I’m sure the next performance will be better..this is their 1st performance for this song newaz..GO WONDERGIRLS!!~

  24. the speed of the song felt normal to me. i agree, the performance is just so so. it’s definitely not a “tell me” hit in my opinion, b/c there wasn’t anything unique about the performance other than just the choreography. maybe we’ll see in the upcoming ones, knowing how jyp makes them perform the same song every other day.

    so hee was..off key again. no offense to so hee fans but i don’t think she’s a good singer.

  25. yeah. i also felt the same way like something’s lacking. there was nothing that would make their comeback performance memorable. it was all too fast for me.. but i was so happy WG and BB at the end:)

  26. I stood up extra for wondergirls at 8.30 am on a saturday with no school and wtf my computer dies just when WG starts T_________T Anyway thx for the vids 😀
    The CF was fun 😀 Sohee… Hmm… I guess she’s in puberty and she can’t controll her voice so well?? Sunye’s hair was absolutely stunning! I didn’t use to like it before but seeing this perf makes me love it~ Yoobin was also so hot >.< But yeah this song is kinda slower than what we heard.

  27. I’m a bit disappointed..but the cf made up for it…lol
    I didn’t expect that….
    Yoobin sang so good at this time…even if it was lypsync…

  28. ahhh i wouldn’t be too harsh on sohee, i mean it’s quite noticeable that her vocal ability is improving since the tell me craze. -shrug-

  29. Eeeeep.

    I guess this is why SM often plays it safe and has its artists lipsync their first few live performances.

  30. yeah tell me debut perf was so much better than so hot from the lightings and the back up dancers. SO hee messed up really… she sounded breathy during the entire performance

  31. wow yoobin s part in this time surprised me in a good way. it sounds different than what we have heard from her before. so much better this time =) i m hoping she ll get better soon so we can hear her live.

  32. i liked the performance. they all looked really hot.. dancing was really good but so hees vocals … lol…. and the cameraman, please shoot him PLEASE…

    i like ye euns part in the 2nd song the most. song sounds good.

  33. i was disappointed too. but i watched it again and its all better now! ^^
    they didn’t crack.. they tried to make it sexy sounding.. and it just sounded wierd. but its sooo hoott still.
    its just a dry run. tomorrow will be wayyy better.

    i wish they will do a remixed part.. like in Tell Me before YooBin’s part. ^^

  34. pls.pls. put the video in youtube. i was late when i look at it. its already finish that’s why pls. put their video in youtube.
    thank you.!!

  35. i kinda agree with u … i saw the performance through the live stream … it looks rushed to me and the beat of the song is slower than in the mv but there is always room for improvement …

  36. Agree with u it didn’t impress me… Sohee really T_____T
    I will dl it to watch it clearly lol

    Hope it’s better tmr too.

    Hey thanks for the beginning lol

  37. total stalker here…
    it’ll be better tomorrow.. i agree that it was somewhat lacking, but i gotta say that other that cracking in the beginning, So Hee did better then I expected.. I was disappointed in Sun Ye, and Sun Mi. But “This Time” more than made up for it..

    Yoobin has a beautiful part in the beginning

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