Wonder Girls filming Inkigayo Comeback Stage Introduction

Pictures taken by fans of the Wonder Girls filming the introduction last night for their comeback stage on SBS Inkigayo tomorrow afternoon.

credit: wonderholic

Not satisfied with just pictures, click the following for fancams (credit to ahboo)
Sun Ye | Yoo Bin | Ye Eun | Sun Mi | So Hee


18 thoughts on “Wonder Girls filming Inkigayo Comeback Stage Introduction

  1. Sunmi looks really pretty in the blowing kisses poses. Her look has really matured since Tell me. Yoobin looks really pretty too. Her eyes look bigger too. xP

  2. Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
    verry cute ^^
    Why SunYe have only 1 and so far T^T?
    SoHee looks pretty

  3. is sunmi wearing FEATHERS? hahaha. sorry. XD i agree with Anna with their lipstick. it’s uber pretty. i love how sun mi blows kisses and sohee wears the big sunglasses like the mv. yoobin still looks the prettiest!

  4. Sohee is soo pretty, love the lipstick color! And yeah i agree, even tho i love ye eun’s new look, her outfit made her look like a giraffe >>

  5. whaaaaat sunye only has one tiny pic!
    aww haha

    sunmi has a special outfit! everybody else’s just wore the same one xD

  6. after watching the fancams, yoobin had the best presence while filming. she s so great in the song. i cant wait to see them perform this along with the ballad

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